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Coach Jeff Blashill is hoping that Filip Zadina is more dangerous as an offensive threat this season.
Zadina was the Red Wings first round pick and sixth overall in 2018. “When he came up to play for us last year, I thought he grew as a player," Blashill said of the 20-year-old. "He was more dangerous than he had been previously, more confident, seemed to be a little bit quicker and stronger. He’s had a long period of time even before he started playing in the Czech League to grow his body into that elite level of professional athlete’s body that all young players have to do to become great. I’m hoping he did that. He says he feels he’s in a good spot that way. I think the fact he’s able to play (during the pandemic) is great. It’s difficult to say how the success (in the Czech League) transfers to the NHL, but I know the league is hard, guys are big and strong and he’s playing against men. That’s only going to help him ensure that he’s ready to win those puck battles, learn how to leverage his body so he can utilize his skill-set. He’s had issues with some injuries and then the league has had to pause at different times with COVID, so it hasn’t always been fluid, but certainly it’s been a productive time. He’ll get the chance when we get going to come over and prove that he’s improved as a hockey player and can help us be a better team.” Zadina had eight goals and seven assists in 28 games with Detroit last season and the Red Wings hope the offensive flair and game-breaking ability they saw when he was drafted, comes to the forefront this season.
Added Nov 23 8:24 am (EST)
Added Nov 23 8:24 am (EST)
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