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There are no scheduled NBA game today due to COVID-19. This tool will be available once games are rescheduled.

NBA Vegas Odds with Implied Points

TimeTeamOpponentOpen LineOpen O/UCurr SpreadCurr O/UIPT
10:00 pm EDTClippersBulls--0.0-0.0
10:00 pm EDTBulls@Clippers--0.0-0.0
07:00 pm EDTCelticsPacers--0.0-0.0
07:00 pm EDTPacers@Celtics--0.0-0.0
07:00 pm EDTHornetsRaptors--0.0-0.0
07:00 pm EDTRaptors@Hornets--0.0-0.0
07:30 pm EDTKnicksMagic--0.0-0.0
07:30 pm EDTMagic@Knicks--0.0-0.0
09:30 pm EDTRocketsSpurs--0.0-0.0
09:30 pm EDTSpurs@Rockets--0.0-0.0
10:30 pm EDTWarriorsCavaliers--0.0-0.0
10:30 pm EDTCavaliers@Warriors--0.0-0.0
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