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When you begin entering your WinView contests, it’s nothing like any Daily Fantasy Sports site that you construct a roster on. We receive questions that we have to get right to accrue points. Building a strategy heading into each contest you enter is something that gives you an edge. Guessing is an option, but similar to season long and daily contests, doing research gives you a leg up.

When looking at the strategy you’re going to use for WinView, start off with a plan. If playing NBA, figure out matchups, pace, points per game for each team and how they’ve fared against one another throughout the year. For MLB, it’s similar, but obviously pace isn’t a factor while matchups are crucial. For NFL, how do the defenses fare against quarterbacks, running backs and pass catchers, amongst other things?

While making our predictions, we need to be smart distributing the 5,000 points we are given. We will make more than 5K if we get our first few predictions correct, but the more we get wrong the fewer points we’ll have. Based on how confident we are on the prediction we are answering is how we should base the point value we spend on each. If the question is one you’re very confident about, you have to remember you have the “ONE SHOT” option once per contest.

In an NFL contest, it is important research a team’s tendencies ahead of time. If you have a prop like “the first offensive play of the 1st Quarter gains 5 or more yards” you may want to look at that team’s average yards per play. Does that team run or pass more on first down? If you feel confident in your answer, this is a good type of question to risk more points or even use your “ONE SHOT.” Since it will resolve quickly, you will have an idea right away of how many points you have to spend.

That being said, keeping an eye on the leaderboard is crucial to the bets you make as well. If you’re falling behind or need a big splash to get back into the money, putting down a 500 or 750 bet is more logical than a 250. Even using your “ONE SHOT” could be very beneficial as you will not lose any points if you get the question wrong but especially if you’re confident in the question you’re answering as it can be the difference between winning and losing.

Conservative play comes to the forefront in a head-to-head situation or one when you check the leaderboard and you’re comfortably in the money already. Also, when you are ahead, it can help to try to think like the players who are trailing. If you think most of the players behind you are going to go for riskier answers with higher payouts to try to chase you down, you might want to pick those same answers yourself. That way, they don’t gain on you if the prop pays off, and even if you are wrong, the payout for the correct answer won’t be too substantial.

The playbooks we construct for the site daily will help you build a better idea for strategy. FantasyAlarm is proud to partner with WinView throughout the NFL season to give you the information you need for a fun and profitable gaming experience.

Check out WinView Games - Get Started Here!