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7-Game Slate | Lock Time: 7:00pm EST


MEM @ BOS -10.5  T: 205.5

MIA @ DET -2  T: 207.5

BKN -1 @ ORL  T: 216

SA @ MIN -1  T: 225

CLE @ UTA -15  T: 214.5

NO @ POR -3  T: 233.5

GS -6.5 @ LAC  T: 241.5


Fantasy Alarm NBA DFS Podcast: (9:00am EST) Jon Impemba and James Grande take an early look at Friday's DFS main slate.

Fantasy Alarm Starting 5 –  (Video): Justin Fensterman brings you the top five guys you should be building your lineups around for Friday's main slate.

DFS NBA Playbook: Jon Impemba pores over all of the statistics, splits and matchups to uncover the very best DFS NBA players for today's contests.

DFS NBA Optimal Lineups: Jon Impemba pores over all of the statistics, splits and matchups to uncover the very best DFS NBA players for today's example lineups.

NBA Injury Report: Justin Fensterman goes around the league, providing critical information on every injured player, on every team.

Weekly Fantasy Basketball Rankings: Justin Fensterman goes position-by-position, ranking his top-20 fantasy plays for the NBA week ahead.



7-Game Slate | Lock Time: 7:00pm EST


MTL @ COL -155  T: 6

TOR -156 @ FLA  T: 5.5

OTT @ CAR -230  T: 6.5

NYI @ WAS -175  T: 5.5

DET @ CGY -256  T: 6.5 

PIT -146 @ ARZ  T: 6

BUF @ VAN -122  T: 5.5


2018 Fantasy Hockey Injury Report: Chris Morais takes a look around the NHL and gives his take on the top injuries around the league.

2018 Fantasy Hockey – Waiver Wire Report: Chris Morais goes over which players should be added to your fantasy hockey team for the upcoming week.

DFS NHL Optimal Lineups: Chris Morais provides you with optimal lineups for today's NHL DFS main slate.

2018 DFS NHL Playbook: Chris Morais analyzes all the match-ups and statistics to finalize the NHL DFS Playbook for Friday's slate.



Draft Guide


2019 MLB Draft Guide – Does the First Round Matter?: Fantasy baseball owners sweat over their first-round pick every year. Some analysts say it doesn't matter, but Howard Bender explains why your first-round pick is important and what it says about you as a fantasy baseball player.

2019 MLB Draft Guide – The Cry of Collusion: The word "collusion" gets thrown around an awful lot in fantasy sports, especially leagues with some sort of a cash prize. Michael Stein takes a deep dive into the accusations and helps you to understand when the C-word should and shouldn't be used.

2019 MLB Draft Guide: Old Faces in New Places: The offseason saw a number of MLB players changing teams and Matthew Selz gives you the full breakdown of who landed where and what the fantasy baseball impact will be during the 2019 season.

2019 Top 20 Fantasy Baseball Sleepers: GM Jim Bowden gives his Top-20 fantasy baseball sleepers for the 2018 MLB season.

2019 Top 20 Fantasy Baseball Rookies: GM Jim Bowden breaks down his Top 20 fantasy baseball rookies for the 2019 MLB season.

2019 Top 20 Fantasy Baseball Busts: GM Jim Bowden offers up his Top-20 fantasy baseball busts for the 2018 MLB season.

2019 MLB Draft Guide Player Profiles: Greg Jewett and Colby Conway dive deep into the numbers, breaking down indivudial players and their outlook for the 2019 MLB season. 



Championship Round


NFL Game Recaps: Dom Murtha and Matt Selz recap all the games from NFL Wild Card Weekend and focus on the fantasy football perspective.

Fantasy Alarm NFL Conference Championship Preview: Howard Bender and Jon Impemba preview the AFC and NFC Conference Championship games from a fantasy perspective.

NFL Weekly Match-Up Report: Conference Championship Weekend: Matt Selz brings a tool that offers you a more detailed way to look at every game for Conference Championship Weekend for DFS.

NFL WR/CB Match-ups: Championship Round: Colby Conway breaks down every WR vs. CB Match-up for this week, and analyzes what it means for fantasy football.

NFL Game Previews – Championship Round: Justin Mason breaks down each game from a fantasy perspective while also providing a prediction for the outcome.