We are back at it after only 6 days off! UFC 212 travels to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and pits many Brazilian MMA studs against many non-Brazilian fighters. You can see this blatantly on the card, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but remember that some of these razor thin decisions could be weird decisions due to the Brazilian judges.

The main event has Jose Aldo up against Max Holloway, and this is one of the best matchups that we’ll see as fans all year! Trust me, this thing will be entertaining as hell, with both fighters throwing down with precision, and authority. This will be one for the ages, mark my words! On to the fights.


This is an interesting matchup in the first prelim fight of the night. Figueirdo is making his debut in the UFC, and he has had a pretty impressive run in the regional ranks, with 10 stoppages in his 11 wins. Watching film on him, I don’t see effect defense though, and this concerns me.

Beltran has...