If you’re reading this, I assume you survived the first week of your fantasy playoffs or had a bye. Congratulations on that. Stay sharp and look to add, or block an opponent, on the right backfield pieces this week.

Aaron Jones , RB GB - With Jamal Williams nursing a knee injury Aaron Jones did Aaron Jones things (16-134-1/6-58). It’s so weird how he’s the best RB in football when his usage goes up. I can’t figure it out. No one in the Packers organization can, that’s for sure. Alas, Williams will remain a thorn in our sides until he’s on a different team.

Boston Scott , RB PHI - Remember last week when people argued the Eagles rotation would be at an end since Boston Scott was the only real alternative to Miles Sanders? Guess who played 44% of the snaps? True, Sanders was dinged in-game and visited the locker room. Scott was still in there plenty as the Birds came from behind. Philly. Is. A. Rotation. Always.

Spencer Ware , RB KC - I did not think the backfield mix in...