It’s pretty fitting that this event is taking place in Florida. The card is filled with aging fighters close to retirement and match-ups that will feature extreme violence. One of the fighters in the main event is nicknamed Aligator in Brazilian. It’s all so Florida.

Case for Souza: The only people that have beaten Jacare are champion caliber fighters. They also did not beat him easily, paying for their win in pain. Souza wings vicious shots with max power and doesn’t care if he eats return fire to land his own. There’s also a reason no one really looks to take him down. His BJJ is top notch and he puts that Gator nomer to work if things hit the mat. Father Time could be his worst enemy at 39.

Case for Hermansson: The Swede steps up on a couple of weeks notice here. It’s a great opportunity to jump into the title picture with a win. The Joker is solid everywhere. Grappling and ground and pound are his main strengths.

The play: Unfortunately for Hermansson he’s probably...