It’s BRISTOL BABY!! Heck yes! The energy and frustration and bumping is pumped up to the highest levels this week at the track they call the bullring. This is the short track of all short tracks and is one of the highest-banked tracks on the schedule as well. That means the speeds are intense and there is nowhere to hide on the track, at any point.

Starting Positions for Winners

While 38 of 117 winners have come from the front row of the grid, there are an impressive number of winners that have come from outside the top-10 starting spots. Twenty-Six winners have come from P11 or worse at the start of the race with P12 and P13 combining to see nine winners. Cautions are a key to shaking the field up and at Bristol in the last five races overall there have been 50 total cautions, 10 per race, and there have been slightly fewer in the last five night races with 43 total occurring.

You can use the results from the Spring race here, though take them with a bit of...