Tracking snap counts is a good way to get an indication of how much a player is on the field, and what their future usage outlook could look like. Next to each player’s name you will see a number inside of parenthesis, for example John Smith (2), that 2 would represent how many snaps he played this week. We are going to dive into some of the more interesting situations around the league regarding snap count numbers.


Kenneth Dixon (23) played a new season high snap total this week and saw his snap share jump from 21% to 32%. Dixon only played eight fewer snaps than Edwards and also was only outrushed 67 to 58 despite getting half his carries (16 carries for Edwards, 8 for Dixon). Dixon also punched in a touchdown and jumps into the fantasy football waiver spotlight with the big week. However, with the Ravens using Edwards, Montgomery, and Dixon it makes any of them hard to trust in any given game right now.

Robert Foster (73) and Isaiah McKenzie (59) both set new...