Fantasy baseball continues to evolve as some forward-thinking leagues look for new ways to keep things interesting and align fantasy production with the new trends emerging in the game. As a result, fantasy baseball players have many options open to them as they pick and choose the type of league that they want to play in.

The most common type of fantasy baseball leagues are the Rotisserie and Head-to-Head formats. It doesn’t matter which one of the two you prefer. The statistical categories used in each of those two types of leagues will affect fantasy scoring, production, and draft strategy as well.

When it comes to offense, some leagues have opted to either replace traditional categories like Batting Average with stats like OBP and OPS. On the pitching side of the equation, some leagues have added categories like Holds, or Saves plus Holds. Still other leagues have replaced the Wins category with the Quality Start (QS).

Whether or not to use Wins or Quality Starts as a...