After an upset-filled day one, we are down to six teams left in the European Rocket League Spring Series. Day 2’s fantasy action will center around the first three matches of action, so let’s not delay and jump straight into our picks and budget steals!


Canyons (21st) vs The Clappers (unranked)

To say I’m shocked this is a second-round loser’s matchup is an understatement as both squads I had departing in Losers Round 1, but Canyons had a huge upset over Team Dignitas and The Clappers beat a strong fantasy performing squad in Team BDS. The winner of this match will be greeted with a lovely matchup against either the 6th or 3rd best team in the world, and so far only Canyons has shown the individual skill to match up with an elite roster.

The Clappers’ archie was able to rake in considerable fantasy value due to his shots on goal percentage, and his ability to create plays with his teammates through assists. Canyon’s Tox had a great game three with two goals, one assist, and three saves on four shots which really propelled his overall fantasy score making him their best starting player.

While both teams had a good value proposition in yesterday’s tournament, the money changes have really upended my value picks so only archie from The Clappers would be a worthwhile investment.

Mousesports (6th) vs Team Dignitas (3rd)

Mousesports are the best stack pound for pound right now because Team Dignitas look super shaky after a rough day one (beating Barcelona was not an accomplishment unfortunately for Barca fans) and Mouz were a game five win away from beating the second-best team in the world. Why are Mouz an excellent stack? Well they are really good at scoring (they were not shutout in day one) and create an incredible amount of offense which helps boosts the entire team’s stats.

I’d complain about Mouz’ players being criminally undervalued, but arju and speed are both excellent value picks and great for a stack even if they are against Dignitas. Dignitas player Aztral is a little overpriced for his performance yesterday, but ViolentPanda and Yukeo are an incredible duo that are extremely reliable at generating offense.

Team Endpoint (14th) vs Renault Vitality (2nd)

Team Endpoint are the feel-good story of the tournament so far as they have had a Cinderella bracket by taking down FC Barcelona and Canyons (due to Canyons upsetting Dignitas) to set up a Winner’s final matchup against Vitality. While Endpoint are probably going to get stomped by Vitality’s extreme excellence, they have shown resilience against arguably better competition and possess two team clean sheets so far in the tournament. A clean sheet with some offense from fan-favorite (and still excellent pick) Relatingwave could give Endpoint both a surprising upset and possess the criminally underrated stack you’ve been looking for.

Endpoint’s Relatingwave is an excellent value even at $13,500, and stacking him with the valuable veteran in Metsanauris is an excellent choice if you want to max out your overall value.

Vitality are an excellent team and as tournament favorites, it would be criminal if we didn’t highlight Kaydop as a great star pick or Alpha54 as a serviceable (but more expensive) value pick.

Top Players, Stacks, and Value Picks

Top Players:  Arju, Speed, Alpha54, and Fairy Peak

Top Stacks:  Mouz, Vitality, DIG, and Endpoint

Top Values: Arju, Speed, Kuxir97, and Metsaunaris