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2018 NFL Draft Guide: When Do You Update Your NFL Draft Guide, Rankings & Cheat Sheet? Howard Bender answers the question everyone in the Family is asking – when do you update the Fantasy Alarm NFL Draft Guide, player rankings and fantasy football cheat sheet?

2018 NFL Training Camp Report September 1 Justin Vreeland is here to bring you the latest news from around the league’s training camps including position battles and the latest injury news.

2018 NFL Draft Guide: UPDATED Training Camp Battles: Dan Malin provides an update on the most competitive training camp battles you should be watching before heading into your fantasy football drafts.

2018 NFL Draft Guide: Trade Value Is Relative Dom Murtha explains how trade value in fantasy football is relative and what you need to know before crying collusion in your league.

2018 NFL Draft Guide:  Bold Predictions: The Fantasy Alarm staff shares their bold predictions for the 2018 NFL fantasy football season.

2018 NFL Draft Guide:  DFS Corner  From an intro to NFL DFS lineup construction to contest selection, Fantasy Alarm has all your DFS needs covered.

2018 NFL Draft Guide:  The Ultimate Cheat Sheet:   A quick, easy-to-use, all-in-one cheat sheet that will help show you which players to draft and when in your fantasy football leagues.

2018 Fantasy Football Podcast: Mock Draft and Training Camp Brett Talley and Dom Murtha recap the Alarm staff mock draft, discuss current backfield situations, evaluate stack in season-long, and Dom updates on the rookies.

2018 NFL Draft Guide:  Learn Every Team's System:   Howard Bender explains how you can stay ahead of your fantasy football league-mates by learning every NFL team's system on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball.

Fantasy Football Evolution:  Draft Strategies:  When it comes to Fantasy Football Evolution, Dan Malin has you covered. He used the site all last season and is now the foremost expert in regards to draft strategies within the format.

2018 NFL Draft Guide:  Grow a Pair for Your Auction Drafts:  Howard Bender discusses why and when you need to be aggressive with the bidding in your fantasy football auction drafts.

LeagueSync:  Personalization for Your Football Leagues:  LeagueSync from Fantasy Alarm will allow you the power and control that you need to win your leagues.

2018 NFL Draft Guide:  Avoid Injury-Prone Players:  Justin Vreeland shares his thoughts about why you shouldn't draft injury-prone players in fantasy football.

2018 NFL Draft Guide:  Watching Games vs Box Score Surfing:  Dom Murtha teaches you how actually watching the games will benefit your fantasy football teams so much more than just box-score surfing will.



15-Game Slate 

Main Lock Time: 1:05pm ET

DET @ NYY (-230)  T: 8.5

TOR @ MIA (-115) T: 8.5

MIL (-111) @ WSH  T: 9.5

CHC @ PHI (-160)  T: 8.5

BOS (-173) @ CHW  T: 9.5

BAL (-107) @ KC (-103)  T: 9.5

CIN @ STL (-152)  T: 8.5


SEA @ OAK (-131)  T: 9

NYM (-131) @ SF  T: 7.5


ARI @ LAD (-169)  T: 7.5

COL (-134) @ SD  T: 8

PIT @ ATL (-148)  T: 8.5

LAA @ HOU (-185)  T: 8

Fantasy Baseball SP Streamers: Week 22: Streaming starts is a common practice on most fantasy baseball leagues. Dan Malin is here to provide you with a few options to target for the final stretch of the season.

Fantasy Baseball Waiver Advice: September 1: James Grande is here to look around the Fantasy Baseball waiver wire to point out some interesting names to consider heading into the next week of the MLB season.

DFS MLB Playbook: James Grande pores over the match-ups and statistics to bring you their favorite DFS plays for the MLB Playbook for today’s slate!

DFS MLB Example Lineups: James Grande offers up a series of example DFS lineups built using the Fantasy Alarm tools for Sunday's MLB slate.

DFS Positional Rankings: James Grande ranks his top 10 DFS plays at each position for the MLB slate.

DFS MLB Hitting Coach: Howard Bender provides all the data you need for choosing the right hitters when setting your daily lineups.

DFS MLB Pitching Coach: Ben Scherr provides all the data you need for choosing the right pitchers when setting your daily lineups.

DFS MLB Stacks: Tom Vecchio takes a look at today's MLB slate and offers the best DFS stacks to play in both cash games and GPP contests on FanDuel and DraftKings. 


Contest Highlights Include:

DraftKings: $300K Pitcher’s Mound: $60.60 Entry, 150-entry limit, $100,000 to first. 20.00%win.

DraftKings: $150K Rally Cap, $8 entry, 150-entry limit, $25,000 to first. 21.42% win.

FanDuel: $100K MLB Criss-Cross Squeeze: $9.99 Entry, 150-entry limit, $20,000 to first. 20.01% win.




6:00 PM ET

Be sure to check out EVERYTHING our very own Matt Selz has brought to you this week to prepare for today’s big race! That includes the Practice Notes, Track Breakdown, Playbook and Optimal Lineups!


Contest Highlights Include:

DraftKings: $230K Piston: $10 Entry, $50,000 to first, 150-entry limit, 25.32% win

DraftKings: $100K Chrome Horn: $4 Entry, $10,000 to first, 20-Entry Max, 24.00% win

FanDuel:  $66K Intimidator: $6 Entry, $10,000 to first, 150-entry limit, 20.00% win