LEC has been in turmoil: OG is a massive question mark, one of the worst LEC teams is on the rise in SK, and G2 is off to a rocky start. Despite these inconsistencies, there have been are a lot of good pieces still worth putting your faith into.


Rekkles ($12,000)

During a time of indiscernible power levels between teams, it’s best to look towards those with consistency in order to prevent your investments from going south. Therefore, Rekkles is our guy. Rekkles has been criticized in the past for being a top tier ADC, and not much else: he isn’t aggressive or particularly assertive, and he is one dimensional in his style. Each of these are extremely valuable qualities towards point generation and given his very long track record of success, there’s no better person to give the captain role, particularly with G2 getting smacked by OG on Saturday. Furthermore, Rekkles maintained the highest KDA throughout the Spring season at a clean 9.9. If relatively passive ADCs don’t fancy you, feel free to gamble on Crownshot. Crownshot comes in much cheaper at $9,600 but has been through an absolute tear through the LEC. Last season he was a great ADC on a mediocre team, and this season he’s off to a hot 2-0 start and has been a major force in both games he’s played. Kaiser and Carzzy are a fantastic bottom lane, but their 0-2 start convinces us that Crownshot is another safe bet.

Alternatives to consider: Crownshot ($9,600)

Top Lane

Alphari ($6,400)

At $6,400, Alphari is a certified steal. On Saturday he gave Wunder, considered one of if not the best top laner in the league, a good smacking. He held the highest KDA of all top laners in Spring at 4.28 and is up against Dan Dan, a relatively mediocre top laner compared to the absurd consistency Alphari has displayed. Even in OG’s defeat to SK, Alphari was single handedly keeping his team in the game. Some people will choose to not heavily invest into top lane due to their relatively low KDAs compared to other roles: for those people, we will suggest Jenax. Jenax has been unimpressive so far in LEC but there are some very redeemable qualities for those who look deep enough: his team is winning, so he’s less likely to die, and his opponent is Orome, a top laner who was mediocre in spring. Jenax won’t single handedly rack up points, but that isn’t the primary goal of a top laner, and he will give you some leeway in other positions while granting you some supplementary points.

Alternatives to consider: Jenax ($4,600)


Selfmade ($7,200)

Selfmade vs Caedrel is a great match-up that will allow Selfmade to shine, whose aggressive play style has a tendency to run over the more passive junglers, a category which Caedrel squarely falls into. FNC have been off to a great 2-0 start, and Selfmade has been a big part of that alongside Rekkles. Selfmade/Nemesis is a Porsche Cayman, Caedrel/Special looks like Honda Fit. If you want to try a different option, look towards Inspired on Rogue, a similar jungler to Selfmade with only a sightly inferior KDA in Spring split (3.86 vs 3.73) and is up against Lurox, a jungler who looked bottom tier throughout Spring with an inferior 2v2 compared to Inspired and Larssen

Alternatives to consider: Inspired ($6,600)

Mid Lane:

Nemesis ($7,400)

Nemesis against Special is an insanely favorable match-up for Nemesis. There’s nothing more to say other than that Special has looked like the worst mid in LEC so far and single handedly has thrown many of his last games, which primes Nemesis for success. Nemesis didn’t look fantastic against MSF but given that Febiven has a massive legacy of success himself, we can’t fault him for a fluke. He was consistent throughout Spring and Nemesis and Selfmade are a great stack option against XL. If you are looking for a more aggressive option, go for Larssen, who can supply your team with a healthy dose of volatility. The two mid laners were extremely comparable KDA wise (4.12 for Nemesis vs 4.11 for Larssen) but Larssen had more variability between his scores: Nemesis was consistent throughout, and Larssen was streakier. Against Abbedagge, a very weak mid laner in LEC, it’s possible Larssen might just strike gold.

Alternatives to consider: Larssen ($7,000)


Hans Sama ($7,200)

This list is beginning to look a lot more Rogue centered, and as a fan of Schalke football it pains me to say it but: we suck. We suck at football, and we suck at League of Legends. Rogue’s bottom lane ran through both XL and MSF, two bottom lanes that were considered very good at the start of the season. Innaxe has looked like the worst ADC in the league and Hans is primed to stack points against him. That being said, Hans was pretty mid-table for ADCs in spring, and maybe you want someone of a higher pedigree: those people can take Upset instead. Upset has been a top 3 ADC since his debut in 2018 and shows no signs of slowing down. He took the 2nd highest KDA for ADCs in spring at 7.64, and while Kobbe has been good in the past, he doesn’t show any synergy with his new lane partner, Doss, in the sightest. Upset is a solid option at a slightly higher premium.

Alternatives to consider: Upset ($7,600)


Hylissang ($5,600)

Support in LEC is hard to gauge due to the top ones being very hit or miss, and the solid ones being tied up in unfavorable match-ups on the day. It’s hard to choose a good one, but we will trust in Hylissang due to XL’s support Tore having questionable performances in the Summer split so far. While XL’s bottom lane has been a point of power for the roster, FNC’s bottom lane is likely the second best in the league at this point, so it’s of no concern for a flippy player like Hylissang. When Hylissang pops off, he really goes hard and can rack up points like no other support. Furthermore, with Rekkles as captain, Hylissang as support creates a fantastic stack. If the washy performances of Hylissang leave you unconvinced, we’d suggest Mikyx, who is regarded as the best support in the league. G2 are up against Vitality though, and Comp & Labrov don’t look like slouches. With G2’s questionable performance against OG on Saturday, we hesitate to give Mikyx our full stamp of approval, but one game can’t wash away a legacy that spans over a year at this point.

Alternatives to consider: Mikyx ($6,400)


SK Gaming ($4,200)

SK Gaming were out in Spring in regular season, but their roster swap has seemingly invigorated the line-up: their new mid laner looks very dominate, Jenax looks comfortable in top lane, their bottom lane is still extremely great, with LIMIT seemingly come into his own as a solid right hand to Emperor Crownshot, and Trick… well, he doesn’t lose games. SK is a hesitant choice, but there are massive upsides throughout the roster and they come very cheap relative to the benefit they provide. If you’ve been saving up, however, you might as well take G2 over VIT. It’s hard to determine where G2’s wins come from since they can carry through all 3 roles, and therefore it’s hard to pin down point earners, but generally you can bet G2 will win most things they compete in.

Alternatives to consider: G2 ($6,000)

Top Stacks:

Nemesis & Selfmade

An evergreen jungle mid who provide each other by covering their weaknesses. Nemesis is a team player, while Selfmade prefers to take resources and be a threat by himself. Together, they’re up against the fledgling jungle mid of XL, Caedrel has been good at times, but has looked very poor recently, and Special is not an LEC caliber mid laner in any regard.

Larssen & Inspired

In contrast to Nemesis & Selfmade stand RGE’s Larssen and Inspired. Instead of covering each other’s weaknesses, they just exemplify each other’s strengths: they’ll kill you. They will kill you over and over again, too. Against S04’s jungle mid, the weakest in the league, they’ll probably kill Lurox and Abbedagge again and again. That being said, the intervening of S04’s top lane tyrant Odoamne may launch a snag into RGE’s plans, while XL have lacked that X-factor so far in their games.

Alphari & Xerxe

Xerxe faced a lot of rightful criticism coming into 2020 Summer for his lack of proactivity. I will fully reiterate this criticism and accept it. What I will counter, in response, is that Alphari is a monster and Xerxe’s willingness to harness this early game strength and convert it towards his own power (as was the case in OG’s Renekton/Karthus pairings which crushed the league) cannot be understated. Alphari is the sun, Xerxe is the plant. Xerxe uses Alphari to grow into his own, and it’s a beautiful spectacle when succeeds. The results show too, and allow Xerxe to crush the competition and rack up points.

Top Picks: Alphari, Rekkles, Crownshot

Alphari has been the most consistent top laner so far, and I would wager to say throughout Spring too due to some questionable performances by Wunder. Rekkles needs no introduction, KDA leader in Spring and an evergreen ADC. Crownshot is an unlikely choice, but his team has stepped up and allowed this budding light to flourish into the roaring flame he was destined to become.

Top Value: Jenax, Larssen, Hans Sama

The only thing that really sets Jenax down on the cost is his new role and the fact he’s facing Finn, a pretty good top laner: not someone who should crush Jenax, but certainly a strong face. Larssen and Hans however, are criminally cheap. Larssen is facing Abbedagge, and Hans Sama is facing Innaxe, and they’re both on the same team. For points relative to cost, there’s no real argument: these guys are likely going to smoke their competition at a fraction of the cost for the premium options.