We are through three weeks now which finally gives us a big enough sample size to at least identify a few trends. We won’t go into a full break down like the past couple weeks because, by and large, we now know what to expect from these teams. What we will do, of course, is provide you with the snap info as well as some important points in terms of what we saw and what to look for moving forward. 


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• With Mike Davis missing time practice and not being dressed for the game due to personal reasons, David Montgomery received a full workload with 22 carries and 3 catches against a tough Vikings run defense. Hopefully he can hang onto a sizeable chunk of that workload moving forward.
• It seems as if the Bears wide receivers have specifically assigned roles and designated backups as the snap count didn’t increase for Anthony Miller as expected but rather Javon Wims stepped into the Taylor Gabriel role in full playing 66...