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Marlon Mack
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Marlon Mack
Indianapolis Colts
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Indianapolis Colts

Colts coach Frank Reich admitted "there’s definitely inherent respect for the starter returning" when asked about the team's backfield and RB Marlon Mack.

Reich and company have consistently mentioned all three ball carriers, Mack, Jonathan Taylor and Nyheim Hines, when asked how the backfield will play out. The "inherent respect" line is telling, as teams typically do give the veteran first dibs at claiming and retaining the starting job. It might take a misstep, injury or simply for Taylor to outplay Mack to unseat the veteran and receive the predominant portion of the workload. Even Nyheim Hines can't be forgotten, as the head coach went out of his way to bring up Danny Woodhead's name, a player who caught 80 passes one season under Reich. The term "role-playing starter" was used, which is a new oxymoron for us. Jun 01 3:19 pm (EST)



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