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2019 NFL Draft Tracker



1. Kyler Murray
Cardinals, QB, Oklahoma
5-foot-10 | 207 lbs. ,

While Murray is undersized, he more than makes up for it in athleticism and overall playmaking. He has a close to elite arm with plus strength and accuracy, while he can evade the pocket and separate from defenders with ease when necessary. This should spell the end for Josh Rosen in Arizona, making teams like the Giants and Redskins initial players in the sweepstakes for the right price. 

Updated at: Thu April 25th 8:27 PM
2. Nick Bosa
49ers, DE, Ohio State
6-foot-4 | 266 lbs.,

Bosa has serious NFL bloodlines and posted eye-popping production when on the field. The problem is that he wasn't always on the field. With legitimate injury concerns, some thought that Bosa might slide past the Niners, but ultimately they believed in the tape and traits. He should be a top pass rusher for the foreseeable future, good health provided, giving the Niners one of the stronger defensive fronts in the NFL. 

Updated at: Thu April 25th 8:36 PM
3. Quinnen Williams
Jets, DT, Alabama
6-foot-3 | 303 lbs.,

Williams is arguably the best player in the entire draft, however some are concerned that he was just a one-year wonder. Forget that nonsense. He's not only a monster in terms of size and production, but he also carries his huge frame well with insane athleticism. The Jets once again got a steal while picking in the top-five and now have an easy avenue to allow Lenoard Williams to walk after his contract is up in 2020. 

Updated at: Thu April 25th 8:43 PM
4. Clelin Ferrell
Raiders, DE, Clemson
6-foot-4 | 264 lbs.,

WOW. I mean, he's a decent player and all.... But... Talk about a reach! I struggled to include him in my first round mock draft and here the Raiders are picking the guy in the top-five. For the record, I had the Raiders taking Ferrell, but at 27th overall! Either way, here's the skinny on the defensive end... Ferrell is one of the best pass rush talents in the draft, however he slips just a bit here because of his perceived maxed out frame and athleticism. Ferrell attacks offensive tackles with strength and arm extension, winning with overwhelming power. He will undoubtedly help the Raiders and their league-worst pass rush from last season.

Updated at: Thu April 25th 8:53 PM
5. Devin White
Buccaneers, LB, LSU
6-foot | 237 lbs.,

The Bucs not only got arguably the best athlete in the draft, but they also got a plug-and-play replacement for the recently departed Kwon Alexander. Like Alexander, White is a three-down, sideline-to-sideline, ball magnet, with plus cover skills as well.

Updated at: Thu April 25th 9:03 PM
6. Daniel Jones
Giants, QB, Duke
6-foot-5 | 221 lbs. ,

Jones has grown up in the "Manning Quarterback Camp" system and coach Cutcliffe at Duke also has his Manning ties too, so this connection makes a lot of sense. To be honest, the Giants liking Jones was one of the worst kept secrets in the draft. While most will laud the Giants for this pick being too rich, the rule remains that if you like a quarterback, you have to take him as soon as possible – perception be damned. Fingers crossed that this is finally Eli's successor. 

Updated at: Thu April 25th 9:08 PM
7. Josh Allen
Jaguars, OLB, Kentucky
6-foot-5 | 252 lbs.,

Allen is a twitched up edge bender with incredible explosiveness and teneacity attacking the quarterback. At the collegiate level he posted top-notch production and his tape matches it in spades. With all of that being said, there are question marks about his ability to put his hand in the ground at the NFL level, leading me to believe that the Jags will try to utilize him as a blitzer on passing downs and potentially give him some work at outside linebacker to showcase his underrated skills in zone coverage. 

Updated at: Thu April 25th 9:16 PM
8. T.J. Hockenson
Lions, TE, Iowa
6-foot-5 | 251 lbs. ,

After the team's interest in Rob Gronkowski, it shouldn't come as a surprise that they are interested in Hockenson. You would think though that the Lions would be scared to take another tight end in the top-10 after how the Eric Ebron experience ended, however Hockenson is far from the type of player that Ebron is... Hockenson is jacked up and nasty. When not targeted as a receiver he turns his attention to punishing defenders in the run game. When targeted as a receiver, he reminds me of Jeremy Shockey – faster than you would expect and a nightmare to take down. With all of this tenacity, he's a leader on the field and plays with incredible consistency. This is as safe as a pick gets, despite the overdraft for the position. 

Updated at: Thu April 25th 9:25 PM
9. Ed Oliver
Bills, DT, Houston
6-foot-1 | 287 lbs. ,

Oliver is undersized, however he packs a punch at the point of attack and is a complete athletic mismatch for interior offensive linemen. How athletic you ask? Well, many scouts actually considerd him a possibilty as a inside linebacker prospect. The Bills drafted a prototype for the modern day three-technique position, one who some think fits the mold as the next Aaron Donald. 

Updated at: Thu April 25th 9:32 PM
10. Devin Bush
Steelers, LB, Michigan
5-foot-11 | 234 lbs.,

Bush is another undersized prospect, but what he lacks in size he more than makes up for with insane athleticism. While he may struggle from disengaging from blocks at times, Bush is a true three-down linebacker for the modern day game. As sad as it is to say, the Steelers finally got their replacement for Ryan Shazier.


Compensation: 2019 20th, and 52nd overall; 2020 3rd rounder. 

Updated at: Thu April 25th 9:36 PM
11. Jonah Williams
Bengals, OT, Alabama
6-foot-4 | 302 lbs. ,

Williams is the best offensive lineman in the draft and he was drafted as such, there was worry that his average arm length and slight frame would bump him below guys like Jawaan Taylor and Andre Dillard, but ultimately the guy with the best tape prevailed. When watching Williams, you see a guy who's jersey never gets dirty – a player with incredible balance and technique. He will be a day one starter along the Bengals underwhelming offensive line, especially because he has the versatility to play either guard or tackle. 

Updated at: Thu April 25th 9:43 PM
12. Rashaan Gary
Packers, DE, Michigan
6-foot-4 | 277 lbs.,

Gary reminds of another former Michigan edge rusher – Taco Charlton – who has been nothing but a bust so far in his Cowboys career. Like Gary, Charlton had an incredible workout at the Combine but had limited production and underwhelming production at the collegiate level. On top of this, it recently has come out that Gary has a shoulder issue that may follow him throughout his NFL career... The Packers really went out on a limb here; we shall see...

Updated at: Thu April 25th 9:48 PM
13. Christian Wilkins
Dolphins, DT, Clemson
6-foot-3 | 315 lbs.,

Wilkins is arguably the best three-technique in the entire draft, and while the Dolphins are currently in quarterback hell, they at least got themselves a good player in this pick. What he brings to the table as a player is an athletic push from the interior defensive line, creating havoc and demanding double-teams. He was the key to Clemson's suffocating defense and national title push this past season. For a team looking to tank, this is a perfect pick. He will be a good player, but he won't suddenly turn them into contenders. 

Updated at: Thu April 25th 9:57 PM
14. Chris Lindstrom
Falcons, G, Boston College
6-foot-4 | 308 lbs.,

Not much to say here... Lindstrom is one of the safest players in the draft. He tested really well and will be an immediate plug-and-play starter for the Falcons suddenly complete offensive depth chart. With his size, he may even offer tackle versatility. 

Updated at: Thu April 25th 10:02 PM
15. Dwayne Haskins
Redskins, QB, Ohio State
6-foot-3 | 231 lbs. ,

Seven years ago, the Redskins received a cataclysmic blow to their franchise when they took Robert Griffin III second overall. After a tenure that finished in disaster, the scar finally appears to be healing, allowing Washington to be ready to get hurt again. That phrase is used tongue-in-cheek here as people tend to do when they are ready to get back out in the dating pool.In a lot of ways, Haskins is everything Griffin was not. Griffin was ultra-athletic, Haskins is a pocket passer, Griffin wasn’t the most high IQ, Haskins is likely the most intelligent quarterback in the class. Featuring one of the best offensive lines in the NFL, the Redskins seem prepared to protect one of the better young pocket passers to come along in a while.

Updated at: Thu April 25th 10:01 PM
16. Brian Burns
Panthers, DE, Florida State
6-foot-5 | 249 lbs.,

The Panthers roster is pretty solid overall… aside from their glaring need for edge pressure. Burns comes in an immediately gives them a twitched up speed presence coming from the outside, only strengthening the interior pass rush that they already get from Dontari Poe and Kawann Short. Burns may struggle to get a lot of Burn (easy pun, I know) on early downs because of his run game deficiencies, however the Panthers can overlook that because of the legitimate difference maker that he can be in terms of blowing by offensive tackles and getting to the quarterback on passing downs.

Updated at: Thu April 25th 10:05 PM
17. Dexter Lawrence
Giants, DT, Clemson
6-foot-4 | 342 lbs.,

Hey, Giants fans? Remember Snacks Harrison? You just got the same guy here. Lawrence is just a better athlete. He will command double teams and will terrorize running backs in the ground game, however, contrarily he will offer very little as a pass rusher. Solid pick, but there were certainly better pass rushers on the board. 

Updated at: Thu April 25th 10:22 PM
18. Garrett Bradbury
Vikings, C, NC State
6-foot-3 | 306 lbs.,

Bradbury is the best interior lineman in the draft and arguably the safest pick in the draft. He tested very similarly to Chris Lindstrom and has better tape to go with it. The Vikings upgraded their shameful offensive line here and that is just about all their fanbase has been asking for all offseason. 

Updated at: Thu April 25th 10:24 PM
19. Jeffery Simmons
Titans, DT, Mississippi State
6-foot-4 | 301 lbs. ,

This is a redshirt pick because Simmons has an ACL injury, however the TItans are okay with this because with all things being equal, Simmons is a clear top-five talent in this draft. Outside of that, there is plenty of chatter of his domestic violence incident that occurred before he became a college athlete. It is unclear how commissioner Goodell will react to this, but regardless, it will not affect 2019. 

Updated at: Thu April 25th 10:27 PM
20. Noah Fant
Broncos, TE, Iowa
6-foot-4 | 249 lbs.,

Fant entered the draft process as the consensus number one tight end prospect, but after all was said and done, he wasn't even the top one on his team. That shouldn't be a knock on Fant however, as T.J. Hockenson looks to be every bit of a perennial Pro Bowler. Think of Fant as a modern mismatch tight end who excells with athleticism and high-pointing in the red zone. Fant should be a day one starter, serving potentially as Joe Flacco's go to target, considering his favoritism of tight ends. 

Updated at: Thu April 25th 10:42 PM
21. Darnell Savage
Packers, S, Maryland
5-foot-11 | 198 lbs.,

Truth be told, I had a solid second round grade on Savage, but all it takes is one team to fall in love I suppose. The skinny on Savage is that, well, he's a bit skinny. By that, understand that for his play style – a downhill thumper with reckless abandon – he may struggle to stay on the field long term. Think of a Bob Sanders type of career arc. He could be a Pro Bowler, but he also could frequent the IR. At least now the Packers have their Ha Ha Clinton-Dix replacement. 

Updated at: Thu April 25th 10:49 PM
22. Andre Dillard
Eagles, OT, Washington State
6-foot-5 | 315 lbs. ,

Dillard is widely regarded as the best pass blocker in the draft and the only true plug-and-play left tackle in the class. Considering how desperate the Eagles are to replace Jason Peters, they couldn't have done any better with their first round draft selection. Ironically though, because of the presence of Jason Peters still, Dillard likely won't have to be a plug-and-play.

Updated at: Thu April 25th 10:54 PM
23. Tytus Howard
Texans, OT, Alabama State
6-foot-5 | 322 lbs.,

Howard is an abslute unit, which makes his tape that much more fun to watch, considering his low level of competition at Alabama State. I'm pretty sure I saw a bouncy castle in the parking lot at the field when watching one of his films. While it is cool and all to watch him dominate lower level competition, it is also clear that Howard has a ways to go before playing at an NFL level. He can learn both tackle spots and play the swing position early on, while he can eventually evolve into a starter.

Updated at: Thu April 25th 11:02 PM
24. Josh Jacobs
Raiders, RB, Alabama
5-foot-10 | 220 lbs. ,

Many think that Jacobs is the best back in the draft – I personally don't – and are comparing him to Alvin Kamara. In this selection, the Raiders are getting a guy who can play on all three downs and does the little parts of the position well, along with serving as an explosive home run threat. He will be a plus as a blocker in pass protection and a quality receiver in the passing game. I likened him to Tevin Coleman. 

Updated at: Thu April 25th 11:13 PM
25. Marqise Brown
Ravens, WR, Oklahoma
5-foot-11 | 166 lbs.,

Brown was my top receiver in the draft and was selected as such. He is a DeSean Jackson clone except he may be faster! He'll start out running very few routes, but don't be surprised when he hits a handful of homeruns as a rookie, turning the Ravens ground and pound attack suddenly vertical. 

Updated at: Fri April 26th 4:13 PM
26. Montez Sweat
Redskins, DE, Mississippi State
6-foot-6 | 260 lbs.,

Sweat is a twitched up edge player who had maybe the most dominating combine performance since Jadeveon Clowney. He had plenty of production to go with it and really only lasted this long because of a recently revealed heart condition. By all accounts though, this condition shouldn’t affect his career going forward, so the Redskins will be pleased to get their guy here. He was certainly worth the trade up.

Updated at: Thu April 25th 11:18 PM
27. Johnathan Abram
Raiders, S, Mississippi State
5-foot-11 | 205 lbs.,

Abram is a heat-seeking missle built in the mold of D.J. Swearinger, but with better ball skills. In this move, the Raiders complete their three-pick first round, and while they got themselves three really solid players, I still find myself scratching my head over the selection of Clelin Ferrell all the way up at 4th overall. 

Updated at: Thu April 25th 11:24 PM
28. Jerry Tillery
Chargers, DT, Notre Dame
6-foot-6 | 295 lbs.,

Tillery is certainly a projection and traits player, but the Chargers have just the defense prepared to take on his immense potential. By that, I mean that he'll be surrounded by talent and won't have too much pressure to perform right away. I’m not going to lie and say that he’s the safest player in the draft, and quite frankly he has some serious bust potential if he can’t unlock some more consistency in his game, but getting a player with these types of Hall of Fame traits near the bottom of the first round is incredible value. Liken him to Chris Jones coming out of college just a few years ago. Both were equally raw at this stage and were both blessed with incredible size and traits for the position… Jones had 15.5 sacks last season.

Updated at: Thu April 25th 11:29 PM
29. L.J. Collier
Seahawks, DL, TCU
6-foot-3 | 283 lbs. ,

Collier is a twitched up edge player who has the play strength to be flexed inside down to tackle. He's still a bit raw with some inconsistent tape, but the traits are there. He will fill the Michael Bennett role in Seattle, which is a key spot in their defense that they struggled to fill last season. 

Updated at: Thu April 25th 11:44 PM
30. DeAndre Baker
Giants, CB, Georgia
5-foot-11 | 193 lbs.,

The top corner in this draft was a hotly debated topic but the Giants thought they could settle it by trading back into the first round. Not to be a Giants hater, but Baker was probably my fourth favorite behind Byron Murphy, Greedy Williams, and Rock Ya-Sin. What I will say positively is that Baker plays with excellent instincts and has plus ball skills. If you are looking for a lofty comparison, the NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah likened Baker to Asante Samuel. 

Updated at: Thu April 25th 11:54 PM
31. Caleb McGary
Falcons, OT, Washington
6-foot-7 | 317 lbs. ,

This is the second plug-and-play offensive lineman that the Falcons have taken tonight, and this is also the second player that they have taken that I have nothing negative to say about. He's a towering tackle who is nasty and more athletic than you'd think. He'll start at right tackle for the Falcons from day one out of camp. 

Updated at: Thu April 25th 11:50 PM
32. N'Keal Harry
Patriots, WR, Arizona State
6-foot-2 | 228 lbs.,

When turning on the tape, immediately comes rushing back into the memory banks is highlight clips of a young Dez Bryant. Simply put, Harry is a power forward, split out wide of the formation – a guy who loves bullying defensive backs. If a corner plays off of him, the quarterback would be stupid not to just throw Harry a stay pattern, as he can almost guarantee you a grind-it-out first down. If the corner plays him in press, then he better be in for the dog fight of his life, as Harry will not be out physicaled. Tom Brady will have a field day throwing to Harry next season, while I wouldn't be surprised if he steps right into the starting X position out of camp. 

Updated at: Thu April 25th 11:59 PM


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