As the author of the MLB Injury Report, it is my job to report the bad news when players get hurt or are expected to miss time due to injuries.  It is also my job to get used to saying “Injured List” instead of “Disabled List.”  Injuries are an expected part of the game and those fantasy baseball GMs who can withstand and survive them are the ones who achieve the most success.  It is still early in draft season so a lot can happen before Opening Day.  However, there are several players who have already sustained injuries or will miss time in 2019 due to injuries from last year.  This will likely diminish their ADP and allow GMs an opportunity to wait a little longer to grab players later in drafts.

This article will focus on players who we know are already injured and will miss some time in 2019, players who were injured for a significant amount of time in 2018 and are coming back, and players who are likely going to miss the 2019 season.

Will Miss Time in 2019