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Your fantasy league is like The Hunger Games.  Everyone starts out fighting the good fight, but in the end there are only two who make it to the Championship game.  Your draft is done.  There are many strategies that you may have taken to build your roster and now it is time to see how you did in your quest.  At, Fantasy Alarm, we have been dedicated to getting you all the information that you need to win your leagues.  Our news department has worked around the clock to make sure you stay in the know.  They will be aggregating weather, inactives and keep you right on target today.  Our analysis team led by Jeff Mans, has given you what you need to win and developed features in the Assistant GM that will help you figure out what to do this morning and enjoy the games more.

It is what is coming that is the most exciting.  As a fantasy sports company delivering real-time game day features is important, so we have been creating features that you can use pre-game to get all the information that you need and then features that can help you follow the action all day.  The best way to find features on is to use the SILVER menus on the top of the page.  You will see under NFL PREMIUMS a ton of FREE for a limited time features and under DAILY GAMES, you will see the things that help the DFS player win.  Please use these, but for convenience, here are some things to look for (click on what is in caps):


  • WEEKLY RANKINGSRankings including the matchup so you can easily see who they play and how to make your own decisions based on this information

  • NFL DFS PLAYBOOK BY JEFF MANS – Jeff Mans helped you win this summer and crunches the numbers, watches the film and gives you your DFS Cheatsheet – Use this to win your $$ today.

  • ALL MATCHUPS PREVIEWED BY RAY FLOWERS – Awesome slideshow that has a slide for each matchup and tells you the players to watch out for each week.  It will be deep in numbers each week.

  • WEEKLY PROJECTIONS – Projections for those that like them.  We suggest that you use the rankings to make your start em, sit em decisions.

  • UP-TO-THE-SECOND PLAYER NEWS – Fantasy Alarm now has deeper and faster player news than anyone in the industry.  Our team has been killing it on delivering the best information.

  • GAMEDAY INACTIVES – We have a bunch of guys watching and posting these as quickly as possible.  If you want it fast and BY GAME, this is the best place to get it all in one place on the Net.  Watch the others have this next week as we are leading.

  • GAMEDAY CHAT STARTING AT 10AM ET – Join me, Ray Flowers, Jeff Mans and others today to give you what you need pre-game and we will stay around during the day to answer all your questions.

  • MATCHUP PAGES – Each Matchup laid out for you with the things that Fantasy Players want.  Pre-season stats, projections and previews from Ray Flowers and Recaps from Jeff Mans.


  • UP-TO-THE-SECOND PLAYER NEWSFantasy Alarm now has deeper and faster player news than anyone in the industry.  Our team has been killing it on delivering the best information.

  • ASSISTANT GM – This is a good jumping off spot for the in-game.  All the matchups listed on the top of the page and the real-time elements in the menus and on the page.

  • GAMEDAY CHAT  – Join us in game all day on the matchup pages and at this link.

  • REAL-TIME SORTABLE  STATISTICS – A by position simple way to see the leaders all the way down to your players.  This will be customizable next week.

  • MATCHUP PAGES – Each Matchup laid out for you with the things that Fantasy Players want.  You can chat with us right in the middle of each of these pages.  These will be customizable in week 2 as well.


Next week, we will have the ability for you to see many of these reports with points columns customized for the scoring systems that you are most likely to use plus for Assistant GM owners, the ability to input their own custom scoring system.  We will be evolving over the next month or so and most important to the entire team is that we create a place where the Fantasy Alarm Nation feels that they can call it their home.  So, please feel free to write to me directly at with any enhancement requests or complaints.  I will answer them ALL directly. 

So, sit back and enjoy the games.  Let’s do all the work to bring it to you. And remember...

YOU ARE FANTASY ALARM NATION - So tell us what you want!