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Both of my lineups came up just short last week. The Cash lineup got next to nothing from a surprisingly low-owned Drew Brees , while Sony Michel and Tyler Lockett sunk my GPP lineup. Even though I didn’t find the right combination of players for Wild Card week, I found a lot of players I liked, and I feel like most of them did pretty well. This week, I’m finding it awfully difficult to find more than three players I like at any given position. The obvious defenses to attack are Houston and Seattle, but it’s had to put too many Chiefs and Packers in your lineup, especially when guys like Aaron Jones , Tyreek Hill , Davante Adams and Travis Kelce have little to no multiplier. Because there aren’t enough guys I really trust, we’re going to try to get back on the board with a GPP lineup this week.



Patrick Mahomes X1.25

I understand why Mahomes has a significant multiplier and Lamar Jackson doesn’t, but Mahomes has a much better matchup. I think it’s awfully close, especially for cash lineups, but the multiplier puts Mahomes on top for me.

Jimmy Garoppolo X1.45

I still think Minnesota’s secondary is vulnerable, especially deep, and while Drew Brees couldn’t take advantage, I think Jimmy Garoppolo can. I don’t think I’m playing any quarterback outside of Jackson and Mahomes for cash games, but Garoppolo has an awfully high ceiling when you consider the multiplier.

Kirk Cousins X1.8

Cousins has had some good games against good defenses this season, with 30.32 fantasy points against Philadelphia, 21.30 fantasy points against Kansas City and 26.86 fantasy points against Denver. San Francisco’s defense is better than those three, but I still think Cousins is awfully tempting for cash lineups.


Running Backs

Dalvin Cook X1.55

Cook probably has a slightly tougher matchup than Henry, Ingram and Mostert, but I think his multiplier is more than enough to make up for it.

Damien Williams X1.7

Williams was great in his two games since returning from injury, and while I don’t really trust it to continue, I love his huge ceiling and multiplier. He’s a must for GPP lineups, and I’ll consider him for cash thanks to the multiplier.

Marshawn Lynch X1.7

Lynch has scored touchdowns in both of his games since returning to the Seahawks, and Pete Carroll says he is ready for more work this week. I don’t necessarily believe it, but it could mean he has a higher ceiling to go with a pretty nice matchup. I prefer Damien Williams , but I may wind up playing them both.


Wide Receivers

Davante Adams X1.1

I think Adams is the safest receiver on the slate. He has five touchdowns in his last six games, and Seattle’s defense is not good.

D.K. Metcalf X1.4

I don’t usually like playing a guy coming off of his career game, though in Metcalf’s case, it helps that his multiplier is still significantly higher than Tyler Lockett ’s. I think the Packers can be susceptible to deep plays, especially in Play Action, and as we saw last week, Metcalf is fully capable of making big plays in big games.

DeAndre Hopkins X1.4

I’m a little concerned about this matchup, but Hopkins is too good to have a lower multiplier than Tyler Lockett , Adam Thielen and Deebo Samuel.

Emmanuel Sanders X1.6

I don’t understand why Sanders’s multiplier is so much higher than Deebo Samuel’s. Sanders has been inconsistent down the stretch, but the week off should have helped him heal up, and I think he could have a huge day against Minnesota’s secondary.


Tight Ends

George Kittle X1.3

All things being equal, I probably like Mark Andrews slightly better than Kittle and Kelce, but it’s so close, we may as well take the multiplier.

Kyle Rudolph X1.65

If you’re going to skip one of the big three tight ends, you may as well go with Rudolph. You can’t really count on him getting many looks, but he is always a red zone threat.


Steve’s Divisional Week GPP Lineup:

Patrick Mahomes

Dalvin Cook

Damien Williams

Emmanuel Sanders

DeAndre Hopkins

D.K. Metcalf

George Kittle

Marshawn Lynch


Get 6 Months FREE of the Playbook PRO from SuperDraft | Great deals at SuperDraft using Promo Code Alarm