We had a quiet trade deadline for receivers, but there was some important news this week, with Andy Dalton and Joe Flacco making way for Ryan Finley and Brandon Allen . We won’t really know how those moves will affect the Cincinnati and Denver pass catchers, and while I’m not convinced it will hurt them, I don’t really expect it to help them. As we always say, getting targets is always important, but the context of those targets is equally important.

Target Breakdown

  • It’s probably not going to matter in the long run, but I do think it’s worth noting that Noah Fant led the Broncos with eight targets Sunday. Denver probably isn’t going to score enough touchdowns for Fant to really be useful for fantasy, but somebody has to pick up the targets Emmanuel Sanders left behind, and for one game at least, that somebody was Fant.
  • Christian Kirk had a 33-percent target share Sunday, and he caught eight of 11 targets for 79 yards. It was the third time in five games he had...