Philadelphia 76ers at Toronto Raptors

Toronto Raptors -6.5

Total: 223

Philadelphia 76ers

Of the four Eastern Conference teams that advanced to the second round, the 76ers looked most vulnerable. They lost game one at home and could have easily lost Game 2 if Joel Embiid had been given a Flagrant 2 (as he should have) for elbowing Jarrett Allen in the nose. That being said, Philadelphia won game 3 without Embiid and won Game 4 despite Jimmy Butler getting tossed in the third quarter.

Philly’s starting lineup is as good as anyone’s, and it will be extremely interesting how Toronto chooses to match up with them. If Marc Gasol can guard Joel Embiid one-on-one, I’m not sure I see a way for Philly to win this series. It will also be interesting to see who Kyle Lowry guards. It probably makes the most sense for Lowry to guard Tobias Harris and dare Harris to post him up with Embiid and Ben Simmons clogging the paint. Lowry is capable of chasing J.J. Redick around...