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As the NFL season quickly approaches, WinView Games is a ready to change how fantasy players experience yet another sport. WinView Games is an easy-to-use app that offers in-game fantasy contests, one quarter at a time.

When we actually begin diving into playing WinView Games, we need to have an idea on what we’re doing because it’s definitely different from what most fantasy players are used to. When we open up the application, it’s easy to navigate to which sport we’re looking for. Once we find the football icon, we sift through any active games because those are the only contests WinView Games opens. Once in, there are tournament lobbies just like there are on any DFS site. Once open, we begin making predictions. There are predictions at the start of every quarter as well as the beginning of every drive. While you watch the game at home or at the stadium, WinView Games keeps adding props.

There are boatloads of different prop bets we are given in any given quarter. For example: the last non-kneeling offensive play of the quarter is a running play, either team scores 10 or more points in the quarter, team X outscores team Y in the quarter, the first offensive play of the quarter gains five or more yards. Those are just a few of a seemingly million different scenarios.

Once you enter a room and the prop bets roll out, you’re given a 5,000 point allotment. You can throw down point bets of 250, 500, or 750. On each bet you’ll see a multiplier that could snag you that amount times the point bet you made. So for example, if you bet 250 on a 3x bet that Joey Votto hits a home run and he does, you’ll make 500 points back. 250 x 3 = 750 - 250 for the original bet you made! But I can’t leave out the ONE-SHOT option! You have one ONE-SHOT that counts as 1,000 points. The kicker is that you don’t use ANY of your 5,000 point total because it is free.  I usually like to use the one-shot on a prop that will resolve right away, so that if I get it right, I will have more points to play with for the subsequent props.

At the end of the quarter when all prop bets have been completed, everyone's point totals are tallied up and the winners are given their money right then and there. It is a quick, easy, and awesome concept to attack sports gambling. I, myself, look forward to working with WinView Games for the duration of the NFL season and beyond.

Check out WinView Games - Get Started Here!