It’s virtually impossible to see some things coming, but by preplanning for each and every week of the Fantasy Baseball season, you can often get a jump on the trends that are brewing around the league. Let’s take a look at how the upcoming week of the MLB campaign is shaping up.


MLB Schedule Breakdown


Who’s Hot

Willie Calhoun - Since being called up on the 15th, Calhoun has hit .500 with two home runs and a double in three games. Calhoun has an unusual skill set as he is a high contact hitter with a ton of power, but no on base skills. Of the big call ups this week, Calhoun may have the best bat of the group, but he is limited defensively which has prevented him from sticking in the majors before. He is a worthy gamble, but is not worth a ton of FAAB as he could go the way of Nate Lowe and be back in the minors soon.

Austin Riley- In four games since his call up, Riley is hitting .553  with two home runs in 15 plate appearances. Riley is a top prospect...