We all remember our best and worst trades. Trading is a huge part of fantasy sports and often a badge of honor we tote around our leagues. However, every league has THAT GUY. You know him, the one that no one wants to trade with for a variety of reasons. I want to help you not be “that guy.” So, here are my Ten Rules for Trading.

  1. Trading is a Relationship

When trading with a partner, it is important to remember that you are attempting to seduce the other person. Be gentle at first and turn it up a notch when need be. Make your partner feel like you are looking out for their needs as well as your own. Don’t be greedy. Taking advantage of them only works out once. Don’t publicly brag with your buddies that you won a trade. It could embarrass the other party. If you get a bad reputation as a selfish trader, you may find yourself without a partner later on. Always cuddle after.

  1. Win Your League, Not the Trade

In a poker tournament , when someone else is all-in, the...