With NBA free agency officially open, a number of high-profile players have already committed to signing with new teams and we're just starting out. Bookmark this page and follow all the offseason action as every team in the NBA attempts to re-structire their rosters and gear up for a championship run during the 2018-19 season. You'll get a breakdown of contracts as well as the fantasy basketball analysis you need to bring home your own title this season.

LeBron James Lakers 4 Years/$154M James joins a young group but the question remains whether or not any of the current Lakers will be dealt for Kawhi Leonard ? If the all stays the same, Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma 'a fantasy value takes a hit.
Kevin Durant Warriors 2 Years/$61.5M No surprise here as Durant has found a home with the Warriors. Durant remains the top option on this team and it will be interesting to see what other big men they'll recruit to help him defend the interior. 
Paul George Thunder 4 Years/$137M This is a head-scratcher from the NBA perspective, but now we know to expect similar production next season. The Thunder will have a very similar roster and offensive scheme. He'll continue to play heavy minutes.
Chris Paul Rockets 4 Years/$160M The Rockets just lost a major defensive piece in Trevor Ariza and a lot more will be on Paul to defend the perimeter. Father Time is catching up, but he'll still be in line to be the second scorer in a high-powered offense.
Nikola Jokic Nuggets 5 Years/$148M The Nuggets are looking to keep the exact same rotation as last season and Jokic is the top overall option. He'll average double figures in scoring, rebounding and he'll drain a ton of three's. He'll block shots in the post.
DeMarcus Cousins Warriors 1 Year/$5.3M It will be interesting to see who loses shots and time with the ball once Cousins is healthy. The big issue fantasy players face is that it is undetermined when he'll be back from his Torn Achilles injury. January?
Aaron Gordon Magic 4 Years/$84M Gordon returns to the Magic as their top scoring option and he'll grab eight to 10 boards per game. The Magic are in need of a PG to set him up at the elbow. Expect him to run plays a good amount. Assists should go up.
DeAndre Jordan Mavericks 1 Year/$24.1M This signing is four years in the making! The Mavs have been in need of a Center. Expect similar production from last season and Dirk's minutes are going down. Hopefully, Jordan doesn't change his mind on the Mavs again.
Will Barton   Nuggets 4 Years/$54M Barton can play multiple positions and his shooting improved a ton throughout the season. He'll be a multi-category producer and he's their best defensive weapon and will play a ton of minutes even if off the bench.
Julius Randle Pelicans 2 Years/$18M WHY LAKERS WHY?! Randle will be an excellent complimentary player to Anthony Davis . Randle will line up on the low-block and he'll put up similar stats with heavy points and boards. Mirotic moves to SF. 
Derrick Favors Jazz 2 Years/$36M Favors was able to stay healthy last season and he rewarded fantasy players with tremendous shooting from mid-range, rebounding and he blocked over a shot per game last season and will have the exact same role.
JJ Redick 76ers 1 Year/$13M Redick not only was a helpful scorer last season, but he compiled assists as well. He got to run plays a decent amount and the Sixers love cutting to the basket and we should expect more of the same next season. 
Rajon Rondo Lakers 1 Year/$9M After having virtually no competition for time with the ball, Rondo joins LeBron James and Lonzo Ball AND Brandon Ingram . It's undetermined whether or not Rondo will start. It will depend on Ball's health once Camp opens. 
Elfrid Payton Pelicans 1 Year/$2.7M Payton will keep the Pelicans offense running at a quick pace and he'll provide a lot of assists and steals. He'll have limited competition for minutes. He's a better driver than shooter and will be the fifth scoring option.
Trevor Ariza Suns 1 Year/$15M Ariza will be getting a ton of support from the Suns youth and he'll still make an impact hitting high-percentage three's and he'll grab a good amount of steals. He should be able to start but it's not a lock.
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope Lakers 1 Year/$12M KCP will be in a similar role as he was last season. He'll get fed a lot at the arc and be a major bailout option for LeBron. Expect him to get a lot of open shots and he'll also grab a lot of long-rebounds. He's a solid defender.
Fred VanVleet Raptors 2 Years/$18M VanVleet is scrappy and will have a similar role as last season backing up Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan . He'll be a priority scorer with the second unit and he'll help out will steals and he'll have time to run the point as well.
Rudy Gay Spurs 1 Year/10M Can he stay healthy for the full season? I'm not a Doctor, but I feel safe saying that the chances aren't good. He has OLD LEGS! When in, he'll help out in the post and hit mid-range jumpers. He'll a good amount of boards too.
Aron Baynes Celtics 2 Years/$11M Baynes came through big-time defensively. He's more of an intangibles type of player. He's scrappy, he fights for loose balls and didn't make a huge fantasy impact last season. This move was to secure big-man depth. 
Joe Harris Nets 2 Years/$16M On a team with a lot of shooters, Harris was able to standout. He scored 10.8 points per game, shot nearly 42 percent from three and he also fought for rebounds. He'll play more minutes next season.
Ersan Ilyasova Bucks 3 Years/$21M The Bucks add more depth and Ilyasova will get a lot of high-percentage mid-range jumpers. He'll grab a decent of boards and steals on the defensive end next season.
Jerami Grant Thunder 3 Years/$27M The Thunder lack depth and that works in Grant's favor, but, their starters command a ton of minutes and shots. Grant will be a priority scorer with the second unit and he'll grab some boards and steals. 
Doug McDermott Pacers 3 Years/$22M This was a head-scratcher as McDermott seems to be JUST a shooter. Why that deserves a three year deal I don't know, but McDermott will get a good amount of plays called for him at the arc with the second unit. 
Avery Bradley Clippers 2 Years/$25M Before Bradley got hurt, the Clippers weren't utilizing him correctly. They should have him line up more at the elbow and create from there. If he lines up once again at the arc, he'll be an inconsistent scorer. He will get steals.
Marco Belinelli Spurs 2 Years/$12M Belinelli will have a similar role as he's had on all of the other teams he's been on. He'll mainly come off the bench annd fire three's. He should be able to play at least 20 min per game. Expect steals from him as well.
Ed Davis Nets 1 Year/$4.4M Jarrett Allen will start but Davis will serve as Allen's primary back up and he can back up Rondae Hollis-Jefferson at times. Expect points and boards from right under the rim. 
Lance Stephenson Lakers 1 Year/$4.5M This is strange! Haven't Stephenson and LeBron disliked each other for most of the decade? Regardless, Stephenson will back up Kentavious Caldwell-Pope . The Lakers have a ton of depth and shots will be hard to come by.
Gerald Green Rockets 1 Year/$2.4M With Ariza's departure, Green just earned a lot more minutes and possibly a starting job. He can still shoot from all over the court and he'll grab boards and steals. He's a hustler and the Rockets NEED defensive help.
Mario Hezonja Knicks 1 Year/$6.5M Hezonja could also finally be in line for a starting job at Small Forward. Expect him to play more minutes and he should be able to average double-digits in scoring for the first time in his career. Expect boards and steals too.
JaVale McGee Lakers 1 Year/$2.4M There is a chance McGee could start at Center, but the Lakers could be making more moves. McGee will random nights in which he goes off in scoring or rebounding or both. Blocks are there but expect minimum impact.
Derrick Rose Timberwolves 1 Year/$2.1M Rose will have a similar role as last season, but health is still not on his side. With Jamal Crawford out of the mix, he could an opening to get more playing time as the back up, but he wasn't able to make an impact last season.
Omri Casspi Grizzlies  1 Year/$2.1M Casspi could find himself competing for 20 minutes per game. He's mainly used as a spot-up shooter, but he has shown ability to fight for boards and Chandler Parsons is always hurt. He can take advantage.
Nik Stauskas Blazers 1 Year/$1.6M The Blazers already have a lot of shooters, and Stauskas will have games where he is fed a lot. He'll be another waiver wire watch type of player, unless he can shift to SF and get legit minutes.
Nerlens Noel Thunder 2 Years Health has not been on Noel's side but Steven Adams can surely use a back up and if he can stay on the court, Noel should be able to play 20 minutes per game and he'll help with mainly boards and blocks.
Seth Curry Blazers 2 Years/2.75M The Blazers continue to add shooting and Curry showed 2 season's ago that he has good shooting and driving ability with the ball and if he can stay healthy, he could be the first guard off the bench and get legit minutes. 
Anthony Tolliver Timberwolves 1 Year Tolliver will back up Taj Gibson for the most part and he'll have his random games in which he scores double figures and grabs a few boards. He's aggressive and hustles for loose balls, but he'll likely not have consistent minutes.
Mike Scott Clippers 1 Year Scott will serve as a spark shooter off the bench. He's also shown promise with on the ball defense and he'll be a back up forward when Tobias Harris needs a break. He'll play between 15-20 minutes per game.
Jose Calderon Pistons 1 Year/$2.4M Calderon will play when Reggie Jackson needs a breather and Jackson has dealt with injuries a lot over the last few years. If Calderson (who has slown down a bit) can outlast Jackson, he'll get more minutes. Expect minimal impact.
Dwight Howard Wizards 2 Years/$11M For those who are in points leagues, Howard will compile a ton of points, boards and blocks. He has minimal depth behind him. For those in category leagues that include percentages, your free throws will suffer. 
Davis Bertans Spurs 4 Years/$20M Expect a similar role for Bertans as he had last season with a little more love in the rotation. He'll play a few more minutes, be an effective mid and long-range shooter. He'll pick up more shots in the offense. 
Kyle Anderson Grizzlies 4 Years/$37M Anderson's role is about to grow with Tyreke Evans out of the way. Anderson should start and be the third scoring option on the team. Anderson will be active on the glass and with steals. Chandler Parsons will back him up.
Tyreke Evans Pacers 1 Year/$12M Evans joins a deep team. If his shot isn't firing, he'll lose minutes. He will likely draw a back up role unless they start him at SF. He'll be a priority scorer and ball-handler with the second unit. He was 4-category producer.
Zach LaVine Bulls 4 Years/$78M LaVine will be a priority scorer as long as he can stay healthy. The big question remains if he'll be active enough in other categories for fantasy or if he'll live and die by his jumper. He'll get plenty of time with the ball.
Jusuf Nurkic Blazers 4 Years/$53M The Blazers got this double-double machine on the cheap. Nurkic has very little depth behind him and he'll provide double-digit scoring and rebounding consistently. He's got excellent footwork and should play a ton of minutes.
Brook Lopez Bucks 1 Year/$3.4M There is a chance that Lopez could start with this group. Thon Maker is still a work-in-progress and we all know the reputation with Lopez; excellent shooter, but poor rebounder. Expect him to grab thee to five boards per game.
Zaza Pachulia Pistons 1 Year/$2.4M Pachulia will back up Drummond and he'll see inconsistent minutes. The more games Drummond gets into early foul trouble, the more you'll see Pachulia on the court. Don't target him in your leagues. 
Dante Exum Jazz 3 Years/$33M But, why? Exum has been hurt throughout his career and he does have ball-handling and scoring ability, but he'll be in a battle for minutes and he'll be in a battle with himself to stay on the court.
Dirk Nowitzki Mavericks 1 Year/$5M Was this officially announced? No. But, the way the math is working out, this will likely be the contract situation. Nowitzki will see a lot more minutes at PF with DeAndre Jordan on the team. He'll still play 20 min a game.
Jeff Green Wizards 1 Year/$2.1M Green and Kelly Oubre Jr. will back up Otto Porter Jr. and Markieff Morris . Green should be able to play close to 20 minutes per game and he has strong lane-driving ability and he's a good floor-runner. Waiver wire target.
Tony Parker Hornets 2 Years/$10M This is shocking! Parker immediately walks into a back up situation and as primary back up, he should be able to play 20 minutes a game. Hopefully, he gets time with Kemba Walker on the floor. That should tack on minutes. 
Nemanja Bjelica 76ers 1 Year Bjelica will be in a similar situation as last season, as depth is not on his side. He'll play around 12-15 minutes per game to start unless the 76ers make more moves (which is possible). He's a decent shooter and rebounder.
Kyle O'Quinn Pacers 1 Year/$4.5M O'Quinn will likely not play more than 12-15 minutes per game if at all. The Pacers have a ton of big men and O'Quinn will be limited because of all of the depth. He has proven to be productive with w/e PT he gets.
Ian Clark Pelicas 1 Year Clark will be in a similar role as last season and he'll be battling E'Twaun Moore for minutes. Expect him to get limited minutes unless an injury occurs. He'll provide some scoring. 
Amir Johnson 76ers 1 Year Johnson will only see time if other big-men ahead of him get into foul trouble. He has inside ability for put-backs and a bit of shooting range, but the Sixers have a ton of depth and it'll be hard for him to see consistency.