PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida has played host to the Honda Classic since 2007.  That means you can ignore everything that happened prior to that year. The winning score has been anywhere between five under to 13 under par but six of the last seven winners have failed to reach double digits under par. The course is a Par 70 and is not long, measuring out 7,140 yards. There is water all over the course and features extremely narrow fairways. This means, you should be targeting ball-strikers, fairways and greens are the name of the name at PGA National.  If these players are missing the greens, scrambling is also a nice skill to have in their bag. Distance is not an advantage this week as this course features holes which force players to lay up. You should be looking to target strong mid and long iron players.  The last thing to worry about at PGA National is the wind. I have looked at the forecast and winds should be in the low double digits throughout the weekend. Marc Leishman and Luke Donald have good history on this course because of their ability to play in windy conditions.  There will be bogeys on this course, a lot of them, so be prepared.

I would not be doing my job if I did not mention the “Bear Trap”. The Par-3 15th, Par-4 16th, and Par-3 17th are affectionally known as the “Bear Trap” because water comes into play on almost every full shot.  Starting with the Par 3 15th, that is a full shot over water into a diagonal green. If you hit in the sand behind the green, it's a tricky up and down with the green sloping towards the water. The 16th is a Par 4 which forces these golfers to play iron off the tee onto the fairway. Then a second shot over water into a slightly elevated green. Then we've got another Par 3 on the 17th which is 190 yards completely over water into a small green. These holes are not to be messed with as they are all three ranked on the PGA Tour’s 50 toughest holes.  As I mentioned, bogeys are going to happen this weekend but what these players have to avoid are the blow up holes which can happen very easily and at any time.

We’re looking for straight shooters this weekend!

My One and Done Selection is Sungjae Im