In 2019, Miami’s Jorge Alfaro was one of just eight catchers to log at least 450 plate appearances. His .262 average was solid for his position, and the 18 home runs and 57 RBI were nothing to scoff about. He displayed some nice Statcast metrics and ranked quite favorably amongst the players at his position. Actually, this is a good starting point.

Take a look at his ranks last year amongst qualified catchers, per Baseball Savant.

Courtesy of Baseball Savant

So, why didn’t Alfaro hit more home runs? Sure, 18 isn’t a bad mark, but for a guy whose average exit velocity on fly balls and line drives was just .01 behind Pete Alonso , 18 seems rather low. What if I told you that Alfaro’s launch angle ranked 243rd out of 250 qualified players? There is the problem. Well, one of the problems with Alfaro.

As much solid, hard contact that he makes, a whopping 52.7 percent of them last year were worm killers. His GB/FB ratio was 2.07 last year, which is entirely too high for...