Oakland Athletics third baseman Matt Chapman continues his ascension among the best players at his position. In 2019 he hit more home runs than the year prior, as well as scored more runs, drove in more runners and he would hit have hit for a better average if it weren’t for some unfortunate luck. Chapman made some important strides at the dish, and that should parlay into even more success in 2020. Chapman is already one of the elite defenders at his position, if not the best, and if you want to harp on his .249 batting average from last year, you’re doing yourself a disservice heading into 2020 draft season.

Amongst qualifying third baseman, here’s what Chapman ranked last season.

Courtesy of Fangraphs

The BABIP from last year was alarming, but he should rebound in 2020, which will help push his batting average back up to a much more respectable mark than last year’s .249. He was unlucky, sure, but there has to be a reason, like….

He must have made less hard...