I remember about a year ago writing up Andrew Benintendi ’s player profile. Looking back on it now, I was quite wrong. My parting shots in that article were as follows:

“At the top of a potent Boston lineup, Benintendi provides multi-category stability and elite upside for fantasy owners.

                -Colby Conway, Fantasy Alarm

Well, the optimistic side of things is that Benintendi did in fact contribute across the board, however, the end results were far below what many expected. I tabbed him as a potential 25/25 guy, instead, he was a member of the 10/10 club, which saw numerous players in 2019. It was a trying year for the young outfielder, but at just 25 years young, he’s due to tap into his potential and have a nice bounce back 2020 campaign.

So, what exactly happened in 2019? Surely there were numerous factors that played into his statistical decline. I want to point out two big things that stand out regarding Benintendi’s 2019 season.

Increased Strikeout...