When looking to improve your daily fantasy sports game, solid assessment is just as important as the lineup building process and research.  It is easy to use the terms blasted off, or stinks, to describe how a lineup performed, but the key is understanding why.  My goal when building a lineup is to have a valid explanation on how it was constructed, and how it will win. I continue to urge everyone that if unsure about why you see, or not see a player recommended, that you ask why.  After the slate is completed, it is always best to go back and re-assess how it performed. This strategy works for not just your lineups, but others as well. Below is a look at the NFL Week 13 paylines for some top contests.


NFL Sunday Double Big Up: $5 entry fee, top 6,500 win

The winning lineup scored 177.74 points, with the pay line at 103.18

The FantasyAlarm Optimal Lineup scored 122.52

News and Notes:

  • The cash line this week was almost 50 points lower than last...