At first glance many would say this is a pretty gross fight card, but when you peel back the onion and look at the matchups, there are definitely some intriguing fights that we should be paying attention to. There are so many fighters on this card making their UFC debuts that it is tough to have a tremendous amount of confidence in your lineups, but with that being said, this card is also very evenly matched, making it very difficult to handicap. There are many different angles you can take from a roster formulation perspective, and I encourage you to use my rankings as a way to put together multiple lineup options. This is a card where you should have multiple options to cover your bases, so be free, and compile your rosters with a good amount of variance.






The first fight of the night pits Andrew Holbrook and his $8,800 salary against Thibault Gouti and his $7,400 salary. Gouti has an 0-3 record in the UFC with 3 stoppage loses to...