The sand is running out of the 2019 fantasy baseball hourglass. If you’re still plugging away you’re likely chasing a category or protecting a lead in one. If one of those is a power category take a look at the hitters with the hardest exit velocity the last 10 days and the increase from their season-long average. This always makes an excellent exercise to source cheap power.

Here are the hitters with the best exit velocity in the last 10 days and minimum ABs.

  • We could be at the start of a Jake Lamb tear, albeit with little time left. If you can get him in against a Padres lefty it’s a good spot for him to do some damage.

  • Better late than never for anyone who stuck it out with José Ramírez this long. If you managed to compete without him to this point you may be getting the boost you need.

  • Michael Conforto gets to wrap up the work week against Marlins pitching. It’s nice work if you can get it.

  • Jackie Bradley Jr. is an interesting...