Buckle up backfield chasers, we’re in for one of the bumpiest rides in recent memory. We’ve got holdouts, late camp trades, offensive line trades, the whole shebang. Tune in here each week and I’ll give you some highlights of the previous week’s workloads. It’s going to be a busy start to the season. Here are a few situations I’ll be monitoring closely.

Splitting The Load 

  • Todd Gurley : the most burning question in fantasy sports. What workload can TG3 handle and how much work does he see?

  • Kerryon Johnson : Detroit continues to look for ways to take their most talented back off the field. 

  • James Conner : the Steeler running back is fantasy gold due to workload. If that gets split up JC isn't nearly as valuable. 

Rookie Watch

  • Josh Jacobs : will the most touted rookie get the backfield to himself and hold up under that load?

  • David Montgomery : what’s his role in the passing game? He has the ability to catch the ball. If they...