We’re getting another Fight Night card this week. Until the UFC figures out that quantity does not equal quality, this is our MMA DFS landscape. As usual with a Fight Night, we know less about some of these fighters. Keep that in mind building lineups. Skills development isn’t linear.

Case for Thompson: “Wonderboy” is the pinnacle of the karate style in MMA. He’s hard to hit, always just out of your reach but steps in to somehow quickly connect simultaneously. He’s never been knocked out, nor submitted, and is pretty tough to take down.

Case for Pettis: There’s one gear for Pettis most nights and that’s forward. He’ll eat your shots to land his. The nickname “Showtime” is fitting as he’s put on some truly entertaining bouts.

The Play: Pettis isn’t drawing dead here, he can catch any fighter with a wobbling shot under the right circumstance. I just don’t think it’s very likely. Wonderboy is the best at what he does with a now you see me, now you don’t style. That makes...