We’re back at it fight fans. As tends to happen on a Fight Night card, there aren’t as many big names. We still have some tight fights and good matchups, though. Junior Dos Santos is being kept busy with another recent contender in Derrick Lewis. There are underdogs in play so building lineups is enjoyable this week.

Derrick Lewis vs Junior Dos Santos

Despite being supremely entertaining, Derrick Lewis is not a great fighter. Most of his recent wins have been snatched from the jaws of defeat. He plods forward winging shots aimed at a KO. If you stand in front of him long enough they land. He also has very poor fitness.

Junior Dos Santos is probably the best boxer in the heavyweight division. He had a short run as champ. The last decade has seen JDS beat the best of the division. Some of that mileage caught up five fights ago and he was KO’d for only the second and third times. He has been in with heavy hitters since and the chin is still there for him.

I see this fight...