Week 3 comes with a bit more of a sample size for the match-ups after two full games being played. That being said, there were a ton of injuries in Week 2 that will drastically change the way several teams run their offenses and defenses for the next few weeks. It’s important to take these numbers into context as to who these teams have played the first couple of weeks and how those games played out including when injuries happened to key players. There are some potential barn burners on the docket this weekend again and making note of key injuries will help take advantage of good match-ups or perhaps sneaky ones.

Below is a key that defines each stat category and how they are ranked. The color-coding that shows for each matchup is geared toward looking from an offensive player’s perspective. So the more green you see, the better that matchup is for an opposing offensive player, and vice versa the more red you see, the worse for an offensive player that matchup is that week.