Week 1 of the NFL season is in the books and in some ways it was exactly what we expected and in others we got different outcomes. Overall, the play was crisp and even though one week doesn’t a season make, there are still some interesting things we could gleam from those games. Let’s have a look at what Week 2’s match-ups look like in this week’s Match-Up and see if we can’t use this is a nice one-stop-shop for all of the data for each matchup.

Below is a key that defines each stat category and how they are ranked. The color-coding that shows for each matchup is geared toward looking from an offensive player’s perspective. So the more green you see, the better that matchup is for an opposing offensive player, and vice versa the more red you see, the worse for an offensive player that matchup is that week.

*The Def vs. Pos categories use .5 PPR scoring for the points.


Offensive Rankings

Pace – How many seconds it takes a team to run a play (1-fastest,...