Who doesn’t love new things? New toys at Christmas, new clothes for school and even that new car you were finally able to buy yourself when you got older. That love of new things is also found here at Fantasy Alarm in the form of new tools for Daily Fantasy Sports players.

Folks have asked, we’ve listened and now we’ve delivered in the form of a brand-new lineup generator. If you thought the previous version was good, this one is going to blow you away.

The rollout of our new generator begins with NASCAR this weekend for the twin-billing at Pocono Raceway with other sports to come, including PGA next week, NBA, NHL, and MLB in July and, of course, the NFL in September. Each sport’s version has everything you could possibly need baked in. NASCAR has track data and driver statistics, MLB has home/road and lefty/righty splits, PGA has course history and individual player data and every sport’s version has all of our analysts’ research taken into account. We dove in deep with the intent of us all coming out ahead on the other side.

Today’s unveil will show you the overall framework, how to use it and how it has been modified for NASCAR. There will also be a video tutorial for each sport’s version as they are released going forward.

So, without further ado, let’s see this new FAntastic lineup generator we’re rolling out!

Voilà! That’s the main page you get to when loading the generator. First things first, you’ll notice it defaults to FanDuel prices, but that changes quickly in a couple of ways by either clicking the DFS site logo or clicking on the DFS Site’s tab. Both will bring up the same thing. If the FanDuel main slate is fine, you’ll see the list of players on that slate sorted from highest projected to lowest projected according to our numbers. Feel free to customize with your own projections and adjust the exposure cap you want for any player. To the left of the drivers’ names you will see a checkbox -- uncheck that to remove that driver from your generated lineups. To the right of the name, you will see a heart, crossbones, and a lock icon which, when clicked, signify you liking, disliking, or locking a player into your lineups. Perhaps you want to build lineups only with the players listed in the current playbook, simply click the “Show Only Playbook Players” box above and boom, you’ll whittle down the player pool just like that.

The DFS sites tab, touched on above, allows you to change which DFS site to build on as well as any of the slates available on that site for that day. In the lower left corner of the tab you will see a default provider drop down which will let you lock in the site you play on most often so that when you load it going forward it will open to that site. Click save and it will reload the main generator page with the proper player pool and salaries and all other stats.

The brains of the generator are in the Construction tab which allows you to fine-tune all of the details for building the lineups. From how much of the salary cap you want to use to the maximum and minimum salaries of the players at which you want to cap it to what categories you want weighted heavier to what global cap you want to put on exposure percentages for players. You can adjust the categories by the sliders or by the spider web points. Once you’ve set the parameters the way you want, click the X in the top right of the tab and you’re set to generate up to 150 lineups.

Once the lineups are generated, you will see the above view show up at the bottom of the lineup generator window. Each lineup will be shown individually while a breakdown of how many and what percentage of lineups each player is used in. The lineups can be sorted by points as well as by salary remaining. Check the box above a lineup for it to be exported; keep it unchecked to skip it. Clicking the Export button allows you to either export just that lineup or all of the lineups you have generated into a CSV form that will allow the sites to import them into the contest you’re playing. If you want to swap players out of the lineups, just click the swap symbol next to them in the lineup and you’ll get a list of the next three highest projected players for that position as well as a search bar that allows you to find others you may want to use. If you want to like, dislike, or lock a player after the lineups are generated just click one of those symbols next to the player in the column on the left and when you generate again, the lineups they will take that into account. Clicking the magnifying glass symbol to the left of the players shown in the left-hand column highlights that player in all of the lineups that they appear in for a quick reference of sorts.

There you have it, #FANation! The brand spankin’ new lineup generator that is being rolled out for NASCAR with versions for other sports on the horizon.

Enjoy the generator and we’ll see you all in the green!