Last week we unveiled a newly formatted Weekly Planner but just in case you missed that, there are some changes you will see down below. We know you will make use of these changes each week though and in case you are missing the starting pitcher ranks, you can always check out the Streaming Pitchers and Two-Start Pitchers pieces where you’ll find a ton of pitchers for the upcoming week. The match-up section will be discussed more down below.

Team Schedules

Inter-League Schedule

Who’s Hot

The following tables show the top-five in each category over the last seven games and who has the longest active hit streaks.

Francisco Lindor , SS CLE – After missing the first several weeks of the season with an injury, Lindor is finally starting to make his presence felt in the Cleveland lineup as he put up a .478/.520/1.087 slash line this week with three homers, seven runs, four RBI, and a steal heading into Sunday’s action. That line...