Rookies, rookies, rookies. It seems like every year in the draft they are the only ones that get the hype heading into the season. The All-Stars and MVP and Cy Young winners are known commodities, true, but the infatuation with rookies and young players come from our love of shiny new toys and constantly getting the newest and best things. If we didn’t like the newest things, Apple and Samsung wouldn’t be releasing new cell phones every year and car companies would just hold tight for a few years in between redesigns.

Over the last several seasons there have been great rookies every year. Sure why else do they have the Rookie of the Year awards? But does that mean you should target them in drafts or even reach for them in certain cases? The data in this piece intends to help you figure out if it’s ok to grab a rookie in your draft or if you should just let others ride the roller coaster that is depending on rookies in starting spots.


It was wondered, in this piece...