Offensive Rankings

PACE – The speed or tempo in which a team plays (1-fastest, 32-slowest)

PPG – Points scored per game (1-most, 32-least)

T.O.P. – Time of Possession (1-most, 32 least)

Total Yards – Total Yards Gained by Offense (1-most, 32 least)

RZ% - Red Zone TD Scoring Percentage (1-best, 32-worst)

OFF PLAYS – Total Number of Offensive Plays (1-most, 32-least)

RUN ATTS – Total Number of Rushing Attempts (1-most, 32-least)

RUN % - Percentage of Offensive Plays That Are Runs (1-highest, 32-lowest)

RUN YDS – Rushing Yards (1-most, 32-least)

RUN YPA – Rushing Yards Per Attempt (1-most, 32-least)

PASS ATTS – Total Number of Pass Attempts (1-most, 32-least)

PASS % - Percentage of Offensive Plays That Are Pass (1-highest, 32-lowest)

PASS YDS – Passing Yards (1-most, 32-least)

PASS YPA – Passing Yards Per Attempt (1-most, 32-least)

Defensive Rankings

DVOA – Football Outsiders Defensive Value Over Average (1-best, 32-worst)