So, here's the deal ok? I had a playbook of 40 players that I spent working on today but as is life with technology things happen and when that was published everything was lost. Unfortunately there just isn't enough time to re-write everything so I'm going to do more so of a list of who I was on with some notes on a few players I am high on. I apologize - and definitely toon into the NBA Livestream at 6:00 PM which you can find on the Fantasy Alarm Twitter, Facebook and Youtube channels as well as the Fantasy Alarm home page in the upper right corner.


Let's begin! 

Point Guard

Kyrie Irving - Doing it all for the Nets and a great match up against the Blazers who are on a back-to-back.

Luka Doncic - Hard to ignore the overall production right now and the match up against the Knicks is great. He is pricy and that likely keeps ownership low.

Malcolm Brogdon - Has torched the Pistons in each match up they have played.

Kyle Lowry - Great spot here in a face...