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ORL @ NYK +7  T: 216.5

BOS @ TOR -4  T: 225.5

OKC @ DEN -3 T: 237


Fantasy Alarm NBA DFS Podcast: Jon Impemba and James Grande take an early look at Tuesday's DFS main slate.

DFS NBA Write-up & Optimal Lineups: Jon Impemba pores over all of the statistics, splits and matchups to uncover the very best DFS NBA players for today's contests.



Draft Guide

2019 MLB Draft Guide: Avoiding In-Season MistakesSteve Pimental covers the major pitfalls fantasy baseball owners fall victim to each year and what you can do to avoid them in the 2019 season.

2019 MLB Draft Guide: When to Target Speed: Last season the fantasy baseball world was in a panic to acquire speed early. Justin Vreeland gives you the lowdown on whether that's necessary again this season.

2019 MLB Draft Guide – Pitching Category Targets: Howard Bender shows you the best way to narrow your search for pitchers whether it's for your fantasy baseball draft or in-season waivers.

2019 MLB Draft Guide – Fantasy Baseball Closer Grid: Howard Bender builds the 2019 MLB Closer Grid to alert fantasy baseball owners to the current hierarchy in each team's bullpen.

2019 MLB Draft Guide – Learn to Use GB, FB & LD Rates: Dan Malin helps you understand some of the batted ball rates you need to know and how to use them when constructing your fantasy baseball team.

2019 MLB Draft Guide – Injuries to Monitor: Michael Stein takes you through the injuries with the greatest impact heading into the 2018 MLB season and how fantasy baseball owners should handle them on Draft Day.

2019 MLB ADP and Draft Trends – February Trends and Player Fusions: Greg Jewett continues his ADP and draft trends series by reviewing the most recent trends in ADP while providing analysis and support for the values that can be found at certain positions.

2019 MLB Draft Guide – Hitting Category Targets: Brett Talley runs through the primary hitting categories and tells you what you need to do to excel in each one and who your MLB player targets should be for the 2019 fantasy baseball season.

2019 MLB Draft Guide – Beyond ERA: FIP, xFIP & SIERA: Jon Impemba discusses the use of metrics that go beyond the normal scope of ERA and how they should be used during your analysis and 2018 fantasy baseball prep. 

2019 MLB Draft Guide: Understanding BABIP and its Trends: Whether it's a hot or cold start in MLB, analysts turn to BABIP for explanations. Steve Pimental takes you through, not just the stat, but how to read it, understand its trends and use it to your advantage.

2019 MLB Draft Guide – Fantasy Baseball Points Leagues: Dan Malin takes a look at setting up the scoring for a fantasy baseball points league and strategies for how to compete and win.

2019 MLB ADP and Draft Trends – Spring Training Battles: Greg Jewett continues his ADP and draft trends series by reviewing the most recent trends in ADP while providing analysis and support for the values that can be found at certain positions.

2019 MLB Draft Guide: Are ERA and WHIP Antiquated Stats? ERA and WHIP are commonly used categories in fantasy baseball, but aren't these statistics considered outdated? Colby Conway has the answer on what to do.

2019 MLB Draft Guide – Understanding Projections & Category Targets: A look into how MLB projections are calculated, their level of accuracy and how using them affects your fantasy baseball category targets.

Marlins Trade J.T. Realmuto to the Phillies: The Miami Marlins traded catcher J.T. Realmuto to the Philadelphia Phillies for a package of youngsters and Greg Jewett has the full trade breakdown and fantasy baseball impact.

2019 MLB Draft Guide – Auction Draft Strategy: Glen Colton teaches you how to make a plan and stick to it plus some invaluable tips for success in your fantasy baseball auctions.

2019 MLB Draft Guide – Patience is Your Best Friend: Your fantasy baseball draft creates both excitement and momentum heading into the regular season, but Dom Murtha urges you to remain patient with players so you don't give away a premium MLB asset simply off to a slow start.

2019 MLB Draft Guide – The Mock Draft Army: Joining the Mock Draft Army puts you inside a draft room with fellow readers as well as an array of fantasy baseball industry experts to help guide you through the process.

2019 MLB ADP and Draft Trends: Two Week Review Greg Jewett continues his ADP and draft trends series by reviewing the previous two weeks and the changes in average draft position at each position.

Fantasy Alarm MLB Podcast: Greg Jewett and Matt Selz discuss the ongoings of the MLB offseason, including recapping some of the draft guide articles. 

2019 MLB Draft Guide – Waiver Priority & FAAB Budgets: Howard Bender covers the various waiver systems in fantasy baseball and offers his strategies to winning at each and every one.

2019 MLB Draft Guide – Rays Revolutionize with the Opener: In 2018 the Rays turned fantasy baseball owners upside down when they strayed from the usual starting pitchers and began their games with an Opener. Greg Jewett tells you what to expect and how to strategize during the 2019 MLB season.

2019 MLB Draft Guide – Ballpark Factors: No two ballparks are built the same way and each one has it's own impact on player performances. Dan Malin looks at each ballpark and tells you how each one affects the fantasy baseball world.

2019 MLB Draft Guide - To Punt or Not to Punt: Justin Mason discusses the pros and cons to punting categories as a viable strategy in your 2018 fantasy baseball drafts and how to do it right, if you so choose.

2019 MLB Draft Guide – Targeting Multi-Category Contributors: Brett Talley focuses on the strategy behind targeting MLB players who offer across-the-board production and which ones you should consider first during your 2019 fantasy baseball drafts.

2019 MLB Draft Guide: Maximizing Late-Round Value: They say fantasy baseball championships are won in the later rounds of your draft and Jon Impemba shows you how best to utilize those late-round picks and maximize your value.

2019 MLB Draft Guide – The Value of Tiers: Creating tiers heading into your fantasy baseball draft is a valuable practice to help you build a well-rounded team and Dan Malin explains how and why.

2019 MLB Draft Guide: Old Faces in New Places: The offseason saw a number of MLB players changing teams and Matthew Selz gives you the full breakdown of who landed where and what the fantasy baseball impact will be during the 2019 season.

2019 MLB Draft Guide: Head-to-Head Fantasy Baseball Leagues: Steve Pimental takes a look at the head-to-head format for fantasy baseball leagues, how to play and, of course, how to win!

2019 Top 20 Fantasy Baseball Sleepers: GM Jim Bowden gives his Top-20 fantasy baseball sleepers for the 2018 MLB season.

2019 Top 20 Fantasy Baseball Rookies: GM Jim Bowden breaks down his Top 20 fantasy baseball rookies for the 2019 MLB season.

2019 Top 20 Fantasy Baseball Busts: GM Jim Bowden offers up his Top-20 fantasy baseball busts for the 2018 MLB season.

2019 MLB Draft Guide Player Profiles: Greg Jewett and Colby Conway dive deep into the numbers, breaking down indivudial players and their outlook for the 2019 MLB season. 



11-Game Slate | Lock Time: 7:00pm EST


LA @ CAR -240  T: 5.5

CGY -110 @ NYI -110  T: 6

SJ -110 @ BOS -110  T: 6

BUF @ PHI -165  T: 6.5

OTT @ WAS -300  T: 6.5

PIT @ CBJ -140 T: 6.5

MTL @ DET +111 T: 5.5

NAS @ STL -130 T: 5.5

MIN @ WPG  -155 T: 6

FL @ ARI -130 T: 6

DAL @ VGK -190 T: 5.5


2019 DFS NHL Playbook – February 26: Tom Vecchio analyzes all the match-ups and statistics to finalize the NHL DFS Playbook for Today's main slate.

DFS NHL Optimal Lineups: Tom Vecchio provides you with optimal lineups for today's NHL DFS main slate.