Welcome to the DFS Playbook for Sunday's Wild Card Weekend games!

By the time you are reading this, the Saturday games would have started, so you're either playing Sunday-Only contests or you're looking for some late-swap help. Either way, the only thing left for you is to keep tabs on the latest news, watch for positive and negative COVID-19 tests and make sure there aren't any last minute injuries from practice which could hinder things. AS it stands, the situations which require the most attention are, obviously, the COVID situation with the Browns and the impending returns of both Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas .

Reports coming in say the Browns have not had any additional positive tests, so while it's still a bummer for them that their head coach Kevin Stefanski won't be on the sidelines, it sounds like the major players are all in. As for the Saints, Kamara tweeted out "See y'all Sunday," which, hopefully means he'll be playing, though he still needs clearance, so keep an eye on that. As for Thomas, he's been activated and is expected to play. Whether he and Drew Brees remain on the same page, that's yet to be seen. Tough to fade the Saints, potentially at full-strength, especially at some of the prioces we've seen, but we'll worry abou tthat closer to lineup lock on Sunday.

Having said that, let's take a look at the players for Sunday's Playbook.