Welcome to the DFS Watch List for NFL Week 13!

While Week 12 was a successful one for those playing GPP tournaments, I'm sure glad it's in our rearview mirror. Not only did the week painfully drag on, but it culminated in what looked like the biggest waste of a Wednesday afternoon as the Steelers and Ravens left us as disappointed as those of us who actually bought into the Mike Tyson/Roy Jones Jr. fight. Yeesh. What a train wreck!

As always, we like to see how things went last week and frankly, they went pretty well. The cash examples I showed last week did not cash as we got hosed by paying up for Dalvin Cook while the value we were eyeballing -- Brian Hill , Derek Carr , Nelson Agholor , to name a few -- did not pan out. However, my Chiefs stack example GPP lineup, hit 214 points, so if you were floating around that stack, you done good. Again, these lineups are not meant to be used as your own, but they should serve as a guideline and be helpful to your own builds. If you went with that Chiefs stack, you were obviously ahead of the curve.

So what exactly did last week's Playbook deliver? As always, we like to check in to ensure we remain on the right path, regardless of overall results.

Scoring The Playbook Week 12

Consistent value and the highest scoring players at every position, highlight the Playbook for Week 12

All the highest scoring players made it to the Playbook including Patrick Mahomes , Derrick Henry , Tyreek Hill and Evan Engram .  The Dart Board had amazing value.  Here are some other highlights: 

  • Nine of the thirteen wide receivers in the Playbook had more than 2X Value with an average value of 2.8X.
  • Six of the seven tight ends in the Playbook had more than 2X Value with an average value of 3.33X.
  • Five of the six defensive teams in the Playbook had more than 2X Value with an average value of 2.7X.
  • The overall average Value of all players in the Playbook was 2.74X
  • The Dart Board had four of the six players return more than 2X Value and bullseyes with James White , Gabriel Davis and Olabisi Johnson
  • The high score that could be made using only the Playbook & Dart Board players was an amazing 255.4 DraftKings points
Pos. Player Price Points
QB Patrick Mahomes $8,000 25.4
RB Derrick Henry $7,900 29.0
RB Nick Chubb $7,100 14.1
WR Tyreek Hill $7,800 38.5
WR Justin Jefferson $6,300 35.3
WR Gabriel Davis $3,000 19.3
TE Kyle Rudolph $2,800 18.7
FLEX Olabisi Johnson $3,000 20.6
D/ST Los Angeles Rams $3,700 12.0
  Total: $49,600 255.4

Now, obviously, hindsight is 20-20 and hitting the nuts off the Playbook and Dart Board is still tough to do given the number of possible permutations, but what it shows is that the work is being done to give ytou the best possible chances to win. And it's more than just going to the Lineup Generator, clicking Playbook & Dart Board Only and generating lineups. You have to study the match-ups, read the content and build around your favorites after the research is done. We whittle down the player pool for you, but you still need to prefect your lineup construction methods and select the right contests.

If you are one of our new subscribers, welcome! Love seeing the #FAmily grow. As just and FYI -- This piece will be continuously updated throughout the week, based on the most recent news and injuries which means you may see a name or two removed as we get closer to kick-off. You may also see a few late-week additions who pique our interest for some reason too, and by the end of the week, this Watch List will eventually become your Playbook. Again, it’s about teaching you the process.

With that all being said, it's time to check in and see which players we are looking at for DFS this week.


Aaron Rodgers , QB GB, Nick Chubb , RB CLE, A.J. Brown, WR, TEN, Cooper Kupp , WR LAR, Anthony Firkser , TE TEN