If you leave money on the table at the end your fantasy football auction, you’re doing it wrong.

It’s really as simple as that.

There are several different ways you can handle your auction draft. You can go stars & scrubs, you can spread your money around, you can short different positions while bulking up with elites at another. Whatever your strategy is, great, but you better spend every last dollar you have if you want to walk away looking like a champion.

The beauty of an auction, at least what makes it better than a snake draft, is that every single person in your league walks in exactly the same. The playing field is completely level. You all have the same amount of bid money and you all have the same number of roster spots to fill. You’re not picking 10th and have zero shot at rostering Saquon Barkley or Michael Thomas and you don’t have to sit and watch 24 coveted players come off the board before you get to make your next selection. You have just as much chance...