So you want to play the DFS Showdown slate for Super Bowl LIV, huh?

Makes sense. You've likely invested in some prop bets, the Fantasy Alarm Big Game Contest and maybe even the Fantasy Alarm 2020 DogBowl. So why not try and throw together a few lineups with a VERY outside chance of winning some big money as well?

There are two things to remember about playing & winning the Showdown slates:

1. You need to find a way of differentiating yourself from the rest of the herd without going so off-the-wall that you miss out on the chalkier top performers.

2. You need to nail the game flow with your picks

The first isn't so tough to do. You can play a few of the top guys and still find a longshot or two who actually make sense. The second is obviously the more difficult, especially given this match-up. Have you ever walked into a Super Bowl scratching your head about the outcome as you are this year? Kansas City has an amazing, seemingly unstoppable offense and San Francisco has an elite defense. Super Bowl history dictates siding with the defense, but history hasn't seen a guy like Patrick Mahomes before. 

While I usually stick to single-entry contests, I would be a fool to not enter a few lineups into the bigger ones, just to see where it goes. If you are not a max-lineup player, I do not recommend playing for heavy money. Stay well within your budget. But if you have the ability to make a few lineups, you can attack different game-flow scenarious. What happens if the Chiefs take an early lead? What happens if the 49ers look like they're in control? What do you expect with regard to second-half adjustments? You need to factor all of that into your selections.

As I said on the Fantasy Alarm Show on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio, I am leaning towards the 49ers ground game taking control early on. Just look at the money lines for the Time of Possession prop bets. The 49ers grind and the Chiefs hit the big plays. That leaves my focus on the 49ers running backs and the Chiefs passing attack. There are a number of lineup permutations to help you through that. We'll go over some lineups on Sunday, but for now, here is the player list from which I will be choosing: