Welcome to the DFS Example Lineups for the NFL Conference Championships!

Not a whole lot to go into here at the end, is there? The weather seems to be clear for both games and we're not looking at any serious injuries leading into today's action. Again, I stick to GPP tournaments, and single-entry at that, when it comes to the two game slate. I do not play heavy, nor do I recommend doing so, unless you're a max-lineup entrant and have cash to burn. Most of my lineup thoughts are in the DFS Playbook, so be sure to give it a read before you finalize your lineups.

It looks like Adam Humphries is active, but I am likely to sit on Tajae Sharpe since he's been working with Tannehill the most in recent games and who know what Humphries' ankle is like when he tries to cut and run in a game. You can pivot to Humphries if you like as many like him and his min price.

One spot I deviated from the Playbook and I don't really love it, but wanted to show you an example of using the...