What you will see below is the list of three-year totals and averages for the top 50 MLB players in each of the 10 primary scoring categories for fantasy baseball. OK, 11 as we threw OBP in there as well. While looking at three-year averages is not the be-all, end-all of analysis, it does tend to help remove things like luck and help us with regard to data sample sizes. What you should do is just scroll through and see how and where everyone measures up. We’re not cracking any codes here, but studying these lists will allow you to find a few players to help you in areas you may not have thought. It helps give you an idea of some potential targets if you’re looking to get category specific at any point in your drafts.

*NOTE: For batting average batters required 1,500 plate appearances to qualify. For pitchers, the ERA/WHIP categories required a minimum of 450-innings pitched.

Batting Average

On-Base Percentage

Home Runs

Runs Batted In