If you have been visiting the Fantasy Alarm NFL Living Draft Guide's Coaches Corner regularly, then the information below has already been digested. Some people just prefer to have all of the Coaching Systems in one place rather than skip around to the individual division articles. For those people, this is the article for you -- all 32 teams broken down, both offensively and defensively. Enjoy!

Types of Offenses:

West Coast Offense – Derived by Bill Walsh, this system puts more of an emphasis on passing than running and is focused on short, horizontal passing routes to stretch out the defense and ultimately open things up for longer run plays and longer passes.

Air Coryell (a.k.a. Vertical or Timing Offense) – A combination of both deep and mid-range passing in conjunction with power running. The system uses a lot of motion and the passing is based on timing and rhythm with the quarterback actually throwing to a spot rather than to a specific player which helps to...